Fans get ready to witness the upcoming marquee event of Valorant TEC Challenger Series starting soon

According to sources in several media outlets, one of the most well-known video games in India is called Valorant. A mobile version of this renowned athletic ecosystem will reportedly appear shortly, though no precise date has been set.

Regarding the most recent development, Valorant will host “The TEC Challenger Series,” one of the biggest Valorant Championships, which will include exceptional teams from the South-East region. This event will serve as the company’s flagship event in the near future.

Format of Valorant TEC  Challenger Series

The competition will consist of two qualifying rounds: the South Asia (SA) Qualifier and the South East Asian (SEA) Qualifier, where the top four teams from each region will participate on the Grand Stage.


All eight of those teams will eventually face off against one another in a round-robin system, and depending on how well they do in the Group Stage, one of those teams will advance to the playoffs.

Prize Pool:

The major competition will have a $30,000 USD prize fund. The grand prize winner of the major competition will receive $17,000, and the runner-up will receive $7,000.

The team that places third will receive $3,000, and the other eight teams who qualify from the SEA and SA Qualifiers will each receive $500.

There is only one way to register for this prestigious tournament, which requires you to go to The Esports Club’s official website.

The Valorant TEC Challenger Series is the ideal venue for giving all Valorant Teams the chance to compete against the greatest teams in the SEA and SA area.

Fans may view this live performance on the official Youtube and Loco Channel of “The Esports Club”.

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