“Content Creation will grow immensely in India in times to come” reveals Chemin Esports Co-Founders in Interview with us

Your thoughts may be filled with a number of inquiries regarding the BGMI ban and if the game will return to India or not. Aside from playing competitively, another facet of the future of esports in India is the importance of employment choices. We recently had the chance to speak with Diptanshu Saini and Ishan Verma, co-founders of Chemin Esports, and we will be sharing our conversation in two parts. Let us reveal the 1st part of the discussion in detail:

Q-1: Please tell us your early interest in Gaming?

Ishan Verma: I have always been a fan of Counter-Strike. After I graduated from college, my passion for video games waned, but owing to the pandemic, I fell in love with games once more. I also began researching the Indian market and the global Esports ecosystem and that’s how I co-founded Chemin Esports.

Diptanshu Saini: My entire family has an IT background, so therefore, gaming comes naturally to me. I used to play games like Mid Town Madness, but with time I started to have an affinity for GTA Vice City.

Q-2: Tell us the difference between the ecosystem of Esports currently and back in 90s.

Diptanshu Saini: You see, back when gaming cassettes were accessible, we used to play games, but since technology has advanced, a lot has changed.

Ishan Verma: As you can see, technology has really benefited esports as gamers now have a wide range of options for playing popular mobile games

Q-3: Put some light on whether BGMI will be back or not?

Ishan Verma: See servers are still working which is a ray of hope for all of us I can say that with the news we are hearing from different media outlets, the game will make comeback at the end of this year.

Diptanshu Saini: I completely relate with Ishan and I would not like to reveal here but the news is optimistic this popular gaming ecosystem will make comeback soon.

Q-4: Tell us a bit about every company is working hard on content creation?. How did you both witness this change? 

Ishan Verma: As you can see, the market for content creators is increasing in India, and every business wants to be involved because it’s the ideal way to interact with fans and give esports enthusiasts professional opportunities.

Diptanshu Saini: The best way to interact with fans is through content creation, which has enormous potential and a bright future as professional players only have a shelf life of 5-7 years, making content creation the best space for professional players once they retire. Content creation has a wide scope in India as it offers a great opportunity for every organization to showcase their visibility.

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