Valorant India Invitational Day 1: Match 5 Team Secret beat tournament favorites Team Heretics. What an enthralling match!

After winning their first two matches with a scoreline of 13-4, team Heretics were up against Team Secret, who lost 1 and won 1 on day 1 of Valorant India Invitational.

Valorant India Invitational Team Heretics Vs. Team Secret.

The Heretics in their previous two matches lost the first round but later went on to win the match by a big margin. In this match too, Heretics started off the same way with Team Secret using the momentum from their last win to make it 3:0 in the first three rounds.

Jremy, Invy, Dubstep, JcVash and Borkum from Team secret looked very focus and the confidence is evident after they defeated Enigma Gaaming. Heretics might be under a little bit of complacency after winning both of their opening games and they are yet to register a win in any of the rounds as the score line is in favor of Secret by 4:0.

Zeek and Avova from Heretics are the strongest links in the team and they made it 4:1 to open their team’s account. Both the teams might be tired since its their 3rd match of the evening but Team Secret are making the most of their hard earned momentum and it is 5:1 with Team Heretics on a tactical break to regroup.

Heretics are having a tough time in front of Team Secret and the tactical break did not help them as the latter won the next two rounds to make it 7:1. Dubstep is looking impressive in this match and he is curbing all the tricks coming from the opponents. Heretics could produce a comeback and they are 2 to 7.

However, right after that win Heretics again crashed out in front of Team Secret’s resurgence as they make it 8:2. What a performance all of a sudden by team Secret some incredible gunmanship have made it 9:2 in favor of Secret. Highly unlikely performance by Europeans Heretics till now as they are still stuck win 2 round wins whereas Secret are with 10 round wins and are just 3 round wins away from winning this match.

But Heretics have made it 3;10 as of now only to lose the following round and Secret now have a huge lead of 11:3 and they need two wins to hand Heretics their first loss of Valorant India Invitational, Hyderabad. keloqz from Heretics helps to make it 11:4. Are Heretics making a comeback as they are now on 5 round wins but they still need a lot more of those.

The momentum is still in favor of Secret as they are now just a point away from their second win of Valorant India Invitational. What a redemption by Secret it is turning out to be and Heretics will be disappointed if they go on to lose this match.

An incredible Ace by Zeek makes the score 12:6 and they cannot afford to lose another round if they are to win the game. What an amazing match by Team Secret, truly unbelievable and their performance was ecstatic in this match. Their extra ordinary performance has given them hopes of reaching the Semi-finals and the final score line was 13-6.