International Pros comes to India for Valorant India Invitational tournament in detail

Eight of the best teams will battle against one another in a LAN tournament at the Valorant India Invitational Tournament, which is scheduled to take place in Hyderabad from November 18–20, 2022. The main event will have a huge prize pool for winners that is near the amount of $100,000 USD.

Following the conclusion of the final event, the GMR Arena where the event will be held will begin to illuminate. The major competition is also billed as being unique in its kind because Team Heretic will be fielding a number of international players, including Mixwell.

He will be also leading the team in this mega event so fans will be ready to root and cheer for best teams of Asia Pacific regions- Boom Esports, Bleed Esports, Team Secret, Paper Rex and Rex Regum Qeon will be present.

Two Indian teams, namely Enigma Gaming and GodSquad, will be included in this major competition.

According to Galaxy Racer’s Chief Gaming Officer Siddharth Ravishankar, who spoke to various media outlets, this competition will set the bar for future esports competitions in India.

He continued by saying that the teams competing in this event possess unique skills, and the entrance of players of this calibre prior to VCT 2023 is a significant boost for competitions like the Valorant India Invitational.

Overall, it will increase Valorant’s visibility in India and set the stage for the Sunburn Festival, which will include DJ Snake, along with the LAN Global Final and nail-biting bouts between the top teams.

The combination of music and esports at Sunburn, India’s largest music event, will be a first for this well-known sporting community.

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