Top 5 Style Icons in Indian Cricket

style icons in Indian Cricket

Style Icons in Indian Cricket : The world of Sports has plethora of athletes who are looked upon as Style Icons for their original and quirky Fashion Statements. Many athletes happen to be a personality in the world of fashion.

style icons in Indian Cricket

Fans just fall in love with their Hairstyle or the Beard. Even their Jersey and Tattoo is an attention seeker for the fans. Every athlete brings in a new Signature Style. These sports personalities inspire us and one just cannot escape from following their flamboyance style.

The fast-growing entertainment industry showcases many athletes stepping into the fashion fraternity every now and then. Some are seen walking the ramp while others have launched their own apparel brands. These personalities from the field of sports have not held themselves back from delivering stunning appearances on red carpets, ramps and extraordinary attire while stepping out of the courts.

The Indian Cricket team is no exception to it and has its own versions of sportsmen turned fashion icons. These cricketers definitely seem to be giving some of the top models a run for their money.

Here’s the list of 5 most fashionable sports icons from our team India:

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, The current captain of India has evolved himself not only as a cricketer but as a style icon too. He has managed to rule over the hearts of the youth not only with his amazing batting but also with his sense of style. He has been the style icon for the young generation over the years. Initially, when Kohli started his career in international cricket, he was not the stylish one and had a humble beginning.

In his teens, he was a typical boyish and used to wear graphic tees and denim jeans with a stud in his left ear. During the world cup 2011 held in India, he was spotted having a lush Mohawk hairstyle. His shirts were not tucked in thereby giving a casual impression. Later the style sense of this smashing world-class bowler changed drastically. He started wearing polo tees. His hairstyle also changed and the new look had his hair heavy from the top and light from the sides which then became a trendsetter hairstyle. His style was appreciated by the youth of the country who were found copying him and were trying to look like him.

The captain also started getting admired by the fashion world at the time when he got lean. He officially got into the fashion industry and did some advertising films too. After his hairstyles, now his beard style is in the limelight as he maintains his hair short and his beard well-groomed.

Shikhar Dhawan

The international arena in 2013 witnessed the burst of Shikhar Dhawan with a superb century on his Test debut against Australia. This batsman also became a style icon of the Indian team over the years apart from his heroics on the field. From the twirling of that trademark moustache to his tiny braid, the ‘Shikhar Dhawan look’ has become a style statement. The tattoos and ear piercing just simply adds to the swag.

This Delhi Chap who seems to be the multi-faceted opener is undisputedly the ‘bindass’ guy of Indian cricket and is never shy from flaunting his moustache with his on-field shenanigans. The Tenali Raman style ponytail with several tattoos like Lord Shiva, Arjuna from Mahabharata, Baba Deep Singh and his wife Ayesha’s name all put together makes him give a complete Gabbar aka Shikhar Dhawan look!

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya a flamboyant young player with full of confidence is the Indian version of Sergio Ramos (Captain-Real Madrid and Spain Football team). Not only the two of them have a very aggressive style of playing but both of them also carry their personality and fashion statement on and off the field in a similar format. Just like his game Hardik Pandya also likes to work hard on his body too. Whether it is the photo-shoots or be it his hairstyle, Hardik Pandya is flaunting all of it with class. He was seen exhibiting his ripped body with 6 pack abs in a fashion magazine.

He ensures that this glamour and fashion thing is at no point of time affecting his performance. Hardik has made his own style statement and is an icon in the modern cricket world which is an accomplishment in itself. He is an icon for youth not just for his game but also in fitness. Pandya’s dedication is an inspiration to many is it Cricket field, Gym or even Photoshoots. All one can learn from him is that one should stay dedicated to achieve his goals and dreams.

Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja

Being most popularly addressed as Sir Ravindra Jadeja, certainly has revolutionized his style. The unique hairstyles and stubbles of this man in the World Cup were always top on the headlines of every news journo. The new stylish beard which he is currently dappled with is very much equal to that sexy stubble which he had prior to this. It brings a killer look on him that makes women drool all over them.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

His fans usually call him MS Dhoni, or MSD or ‘Mahi’ is an icon both on and off the field. This man is popular for several reasons. The racing team MSD R-NR which he owns inspires many young racers. Ever since Dhoni made his 2004 debut in a One Day International against Bangladesh; he has been known for his unconventional hairstyles.

Young followers of Dhoni have widely copied his hairstyles to be it from long hair to Mohawk. This athlete has a down-to-earth nature and believes in not being too fancy or glossy. He prefers to opt for outfits that evoke a clean taste that all his fans can relate to. Except for his hairstyles he does not flaunt any of his other style quotients and escapes himself from making a distinctive mark in the fashion department. Despite being the brand ambassador of Kolkata Fashion Week -2009, He never walked the runway. Dhoni’s no-nonsense style of simplicity, in contrast with his trend-evoking hairstyles and aggression on the field, has won the hearts of an entire nation. He has built a legacy for himself.

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