Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony will be conducted without spectators except VIP: Report

After Canada, Australia retracts its participation from the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Japanese government has decided to conduct the opening ceremony of Olympics to be held with reduced number of VIP spectators, the ASAHI newspaper reported on Tuesday, ahead of International Olympic Committee and other organisers this week.

USA Track and Field (USATF) calls for the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

All the events at large venues will be held after 9 pm and the reason that spectators will not be allowed to witness match due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Tokyo organizers have already lifted bann from spectators from overseas and have set limitation on local audience upto 10,000 per venue for every game.

As per the reports are to believed, on local audience exact number will be taken on July 11th 2021. The call will be taken after five way talks which will include the Tokyo governor and IOC president Thomas Bach who arrives in Japan on Monday.

The Olympic torch will reach Japan on July 9th 2021 and parade through the cente of the city from July 17th 2021 and the torch lightning ceremony will be held without spectators as confirmed by local news paper Yomiuri.

One of the biggest sporting event in the world is all set to start from July 23rd 2021.