Tokyo Olympics hit by two COVID-19 cases inside athlete village

A mega event like Tokyo Olympics starting from July 23rd 2021 is certainly the biggest sporting event that will gaze lot of eye balls from all over the world.

USA Track and Field (USATF) calls for the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

But the mega event like this amid this pandemic time will not be an easy thing to conduct considering the challenges of this virus bring to entire mankind in last 1-2 years our life has been added by new terms like Isolation, Quarantine and vaccination.

Tokyo Olympics has been recently hit by COVID-19 as two workers residing in Olympic Village has been tested positive for COVID-19 is certainly blow for organisers two weeks before the opening ceremony.

According to ABC, Olympic organisers announced on Wednesday that staff member tested positive last week.

Taking about Australian athletes who will be taking part in the upcoming Olympics they will have three test in the 14 days before departure and then by tested by Tokyo official on arrivals at the airport.

“Despite all the testing, despite all the vaccination, we are not complacent about the possibility that there might COVID-19 circulating in the village” Dr Hughes said on Monday.

“And we therefore have to assume that it is the case and mantain other measure such as mask wearing, mantain social distance for some of those key areas of the village like the dinning hall, the village gymanasiums , Games transport”

“I feel confident that we have got the best plan we can possibly have in place”

It will be the biggest test for Tokyo Olympics organizers to conduct the mega event in a safe and secure environment.