Sports Stars Pay Tribute to Indian Soldiers Killed in Bloody Galwan Valley Clash

The ugly face-off that took place at Galwan Valley between India and China, two of the world’s largest armies have killed 20 Indian soldiers which have been condemned by the people of India as well as celebrities from all walks of life about what happened at Galwan Valley is painful and unrealistic.

As Chinese soldiers backstabbed Indian soldiers and people are again raising voices to boycott all the Chinese goods and we need to wait and watch what response does Indian government adopt to protect our soldiers who are protecting us day and night without even thinking about them especially it is very hard for them as COVID-19 has expanded its wings wholeheartedly and the cases are increasing alarmingly in our country to a great extent.

Several sports celebrities condemned the act of cowardness shown by Chinese soldiers on social media platforms where cricketers like Harbhajan Singh took a vow to not use any Chinese product from now onwards and expect people to follow the same pattern.

Let us see what some of the sports celebrities expressed on their social platform starting with skipper Virat Kohli where he wrote

“Salute and deepest respect to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect our country in the Galwan Valley. NO one is more selfless and brave than a soldier. Sincere condolences to the families. I hope they find peace through our prayers at this difficult time”.

His counterpart ace Indian Cricketer Rohit Sharma expressed his sincere condolences to Indian soldiers where he added that

“Salute to our REAL HEROES who laid their lives protecting and honouring our border. May God give their families the utmost strength #GalwanValley”.

Former Indian Football skipper and star Player Baichung Bhutia was angry at the cowardly act of China and requested the Indian government to take a strict against them as he stated

“China had asked all its citizens to leave India a few weeks back. The killing of our soldiers in LAC was an I think a planned one. We completely condemn this cowardly act of China. Indian Govt should take strong necessary action and not bow down to Chinese aggression” This post from Bhutia was ended with a national flag below these lines”.

Ministry of Defence has done meeting with Prime Minister Modi to give strong fightback to China and we need to wait and watch before the government takes any step but no matter what happens this act of cowardness can’t be tolerated.