Why the Match between two arch rivals India and Pakistan went unnoticed in yesterday’s encounter?


Cricket match between India and Pakistan was played, right? Let me say it again: Did you know that India and Pakistan, two arch rivals, played a game yesterday? When our Women in Blue faced up against Women in Green, it was during the Asia Cup.

India lost, which is not a problem unless it was a men’s game, but the issue is that nobody noticed, so allow me to provide some evidence to support this claim.

Neither Harmanpreet Kaur and Company nor Bismah Maroof and the girls were the subject of any national media debate where cricket experts from across the border were invited for discussion.

There was no anguish on the streets or in public areas when India lost, which contrasts sharply with what would have happened if this had been men’s cricket. Likewise, there was no discussion of our women’s cricketers performance versus Pakistan in offices or other public places.

The majority of cricket fans I personally spoke to accepted the defeat and argued that it was only a game, so why should they feel differently when Men in Blue compete against Men in Green in a major match?

Therefore, the match between India and Pakistan is scheduled for October 23. Will we express the same sentiments if our team loses to Pakistan as winning or losing is a part of the game?


The question is not whether people should engage in aggressive agitation or say stupid things on social media, but rather why women’s team matches should receive the same amount of attention and publicity before and after the game on national and digital media.

We should evaluate how our girls played within the same time frame and discuss what went well and where we can make improvements for the game’s crucial moments.

The precedence given to women’s cricket in Australia and England, is the main reason behind the rise of these two cricket teams should be replicated in our country.

T20 cricket is future and ODI would likely to extinct in times to come considering the modern pace of the game so it’s high time to start full fledged women’s IPL where more talented players can come up the ranks and it can benefit women’s cricket in the same way it has done wonders for Men’s cricket.

Also there are some days where we playing modern day T20 cricket however on other days we lack in modern day T20 cricket which can be instilled in our players once they start playing with foreign women’s cricketer as the players belonging to Australia and England does possess the art of modern day T20 cricket.

Overall, as fans, we should talk, critique, analyse, and raise awareness among our women’s cricket players because any sport grows when fans participate in it. Men’s cricket in India is enormous, but all stakeholders should make an effort to elevate women’s cricket to the same level of success that men’s cricket currently enjoys in our nation.

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