BCCI to organize few IPL 2023 matches in Blue City; Sources

IPL 2023

The stakeholders engaged in the Indian Premier League deserve praise for the enormous growth that has occurred throughout the years.

The IPL has significantly improved men’s cricket over the years, helping players’ financial situations, the game’s quality, and ensuring that inexperienced players may learn from star players abroad by sharing a dressing room.

Regarding the most recent development, Rajasthan Cricket Association and BCCI had a verbal discussion regarding holding a few IPL games at Barkatullah Khan Stadium in Blue City Jodhpur because of the Royals’ enormous local fan base.

We are awaiting a written letter from RCA regarding the scheduling of matches in Blue City, according to reports from BCCI sources.

It won’t be simple because in order to host an IPL game in a stadium, the stadium’s boundaries must meet international standards for size.

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Jodhpur’s border size is smaller, and the BCCI will send a team to Blue City to inspect the cricket stadium. If the condition is met, then only the governing body will approve Blue City, according to a thorough inside report.

A successful Legends League Cricket match was recently held, and all 30,000 seats in the stadium were filled with fans cheering for their respective sides.

The IPL 2023 is scheduled to begin in April of the following year, with 10 teams vying for the overall championship.

Gujrat, the reigning champions  will enter the field as the favourites due to their excellent combination of young and seasoned players.