Should India play Pakistan owing to Pulwama attack? How will 2019 World Cup be without Pakistan?

Should India play Pakistan owing to Pulwama attack

Should India play Pakistan owing to Pulwama attack

Pulwama attack which shattered the nation which took away the life of 44 soldiers. Indian people were hit by sadness and were angered towards Pakistan. Everyone wanted to cut off all the ties they had with Pakistan, everyone wanted to destroy those terrorists who have put up a camp in Pakistan. Then came a big question and controversy, in middle of all this, should India play Pakistan in the world cup cricket 2019?

Some say yes, some say no, BCCI already want Pakistan out of the world cup, so many confusions are now going on around the match. In today’s column, let us have a look at the match and how will be the situation when the date of the match approaches.

Why they should not Play?

India vs Pakistan

It is our pride; their country has caused some horrible damage to the country because 44 lives of soldiers is never an easy news to digest. Boycotting them will be the perfect answer for the cruel act of their country. BCCI will have to decide it wisely as Indian captain Virat Kohli as already said that he will go with whatever BCCI and the Indian government decides.

Why Should they Play?

India vs Pakistan world cup

Now Imagine, if India boycott Pakistan, there is a big advantage for Pakistan as they will be rewarded with winning two points which will help them in a high chance in the race to reach the semi finals? Now do Indian fans want to see Pakistan in the world cup semi final or final? No, never an Indian fan can wish that.

Our clean sweep record will be disturbed:

This is not as important as the lives of the soldier, but taking sports as just a game, Pakistan has never had the guts or capacity to beat India in a world cup game. India has beaten Pakistan in all world cup games played so far. It is India who has shown Mauka-Mauka in all the world cups to Pakistan. We Indians don’t have to give those two points away like that.

Coming back to boycott:

Coming back to the fact that they should boycott the game it can affect the entire business endorsements and TRP plans made by Pakistan. India- Pakistan match is bigger than the world cup final for both the countries especially for Pakistan who does have the capacity to beat India in the world cup.

A World Cup without Pakistan in 2019, How will it be?

World Cup without Pakistan

How will it be? For someone who is patriotic Indian, it will be the biggest achievement to block Pakistan from playing the world cup; the Anger caused by Pulwama attack is still fresh in mind for everyone and blocking Pakistan from world cup and hurting Pakistanis is what they think will be a perfect punishment for the country. Indeed, it will be a proper slipper shot to the country that actually contains too many terror camps in their land.

For a sports lover:

For someone who is patriotic, but views sports as something different from this issue and attacks, it is going to be a boring world cup for if Pakistan does not play in the world cup. For a sports lover, India playing against Pakistan is a separate thrill which levels to the excitement of India playing in the world cup final. He wants see that aggressive side of Pakistan in the world cup even though that person hates Pakistan personally.

So much has happened; so much has been happened around this match after the cruel Pulwama attack. Whatever it is, like players, even we fans will have to go with whatever the Indian government and BCCI decide.

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