RR Total Wins: Most Wins by RR in IPL

RR Total Wins in IPL

RR Total Wins in IPL

Rajasthan Royals have been part of the Indian Premier League since its inception in 2008, thus being one of the initial eight IPL franchises. The team from Jaipur emerged as champions in the inaugural edition of the tournament in 2008 and has since then participated in 10 editions sans 2016 and 2017 wherein they were banned due to match-fixing allegations.

Apart from the 2008 edition wherein they emerged as the champions, Rajasthan Royals have also qualified for playoffs three other times in 2013 when they came third, and in 2015 and 2018 when they finished fourth.

The team was led by Steve Smith last year and finished seventh in the table with 11 points from 14 matches which left their fans being disappointed. They only bettered eight-placed Royal Challengers Bangalore who also had the same points but inferior net run rate.

Rajasthan as a team has struggled in the IPL solely because they have not won enough matches in the tournament each year. Below we will list out the Most wins by RR has achieved in IPL so far.

RR Total Wins in IPL

Royals have so far played in 144 Indian Premier League matches winning 71 of the games. Meanwhile, they have suffered 68 defeats in the tournament while 5 of the matches have been of no result. Their overall win percentage in the tournament results to 49.30.


2008 (13 wins)

RR Team in IPL 2008

In the inaugural edition of the IPL in 2008 wherein Royals emerged as the champions, the Jaipur based franchise played 16 matches winning 13 of them. They lost 3 matches with their win percentage in that edition being 81.25%. In the league stage, the team had won 11 of their 14 matches with a success rate of 78.57%.

Royals started off with a loss away at Delhi against Delhi Daredevils but then went on to win 5 consecutive games. They again lost to Mumbai Indians away at Navi Mumbai and then followed it up with six wins on the trot. Their third and final defeat came against Kings XI Punjab away at Mohali in the last league game of the season, but Rajasthan went on to win their remaining to match the semi-final and the final to emerge as champions in the tournament.

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2009 (6 matches)

RR Team in IPL 2009

RR Total Wins: In the 2009 edition, Rajasthan lost seven matches while winning just 6 matches. 1 Match ended in No Result as their success rate in the 2009 season was 46.15 %. Rajasthan finished sixth this season with 13 points as they failed to make it to the semi-finals.


2010 (6 matches)

Rajasthan Royals IPL 2010

Just like the 2009 season, Rajasthan disappointed in 2010 as well, finishing seventh. Royals managed to win just six matches of the season while they lost eight. The Jaipur team ended up having a success rate of 42.86% in the season.

The Jaipur team lost the first three matches of their season but then won the next four. They again lost the next two matches while following it up with a win in the next two. Royals then lost their final three matches of the season to end the season with 6 wins.

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2011 (6 matches)

RR Total Wins in IPL 2011

Most wins by RR: Royals finished 2011 season the same as 2009, winning 6 matches, losing 7 while 1 match ended in no result. The win percentage of the 2011 season was the same as 2009 with 46.15% wins in 2011. They ended up finishing sixth out of 10 teams.


2012 (7 matches)

RR Total Wins in IPL 2012

Royals once again disappointed in the 2012 season wherein they finished seventh out of 9 teams. They won 7 games out of possible 16 matches while losing 9. Thus they ended up with a win percentage of 43.75% in the season.

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2013 (11 matches)

RR Total Wins in IPL 2013

RR Total Wins: The fortunes of the Royals changed in the 2013 season when they finished 3rd out of 9 teams in the tournament. The Royals played 18 matches in the tournament as they made it to the playoffs. They won 11 matches while lost 7 as they finished the tournament with a success rate of 61.11%.

In the league stage, they won 10 matches while losing 6. They ended up with a win percentage of 62.50 in the league stage.


2014 (7 matches)

RR Total Wins in IPL 2014

In 2014, Royals narrowly missed the playoffs by finishing in fifth place. Rajasthan played 14 games in the season winning seven while losing the same number of matches. They ended up having a win percentage of 50% that season.

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2015 (6 matches)

RR Total Wins in IPL 2015

Most wins by RR; In 2015, the Royals made it to the qualifiers wherein they lost their eliminator match. They won six games that season while losing seven matches in 15 matches. In the meantime, two matches finished with no result. Their win percentage in the season was 40%.

In the league stage, Rajasthan won 6 matches while also losing six games. Two games finished with no result.


2018 (7 matches)

RR Total Wins in IPL 2018

After their return in IPL after two years in 2018, the Royals won seven matches and lost eight in 15 IPL games. They ended up having a win percentage of 46.66%. They lost their eliminator bout against RCB.

In the league stage, the Royals won seven matches while also losing the same number of matches with a win percentage of 50%.

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2019 (5 matches)

RR Total Wins in IPL

RR Total Wins: Last season, Royals finished seventh with five wins and eight losses in 14 matches. They also had one match that ended in no result. Thus their win percentage for the tournament was 38.46%.