KKR Total Wins: Most Wins by KKR in IPL

KKR IPL 2012

KKR Total Wins

The IPL journey for the Kolkata based franchise have been a roller coaster ride. They have seen phases were they managed to get the best of the players, lost some of the good players. Had unforgettable moments in IPL history.

Players like Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, Sunil Narine scripting records and history, all this accounted for many victories under KKR’s hat.

KKR Total Wins in IPL Season (2008-2019)

Here we list of KKR Total Wins In IPL:


Season 1 – Played-14, Win- 06

KKR 2008

KKR Total Wins: The debut season of the cash-rich cricket league commenced in the year 2008. The teams were all pumped up to the claim the trophy. Among such teams, was the Sharukh Khan owned franchise, Kolkata Knight Riders. The team was led by legendary cricketer Sourav Ganguly. While their first season wasn’t that lucrative, the team had a winning percentage of  46.16, without of 14 matches played, they managed to be on the winning side 6 time

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Season 2- Played-14, Win- 3

The second edition saw a downtrend in the team’s performance, as the winnings reduced to a drastic number. The team had won 3 games out of 14 with a winning percentage of 23.07, the team still remained on the bottom of the points table. With lucky not playing on their part either, there were matches which got abandoned due to bad weather, leading to a lost opportunity for KKR to score


Season 3- Played- 14, win- 7

KKR 2010

Most Wins by KKR: By the time the league reached its third edition, many teams started to recognizing their positives and negatives. So was the Sharukh Khan-led team, KKR. With proper presence of mind, and techniques, the team increased their winnings, that is in 14 matches the team managed  to win 7 of them with a 50% winning percentage

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Season 4- Played- 15, Win-8

Another power-packed season of the IPL. The team revived in a much better way. With Players like Gautam Gambhir, Jacques Kallis, Manoj Tiwari shone in the batting side, with some personal bests, while Lakshmipathy Balaji, Iqbal Abdulla, Yusuf Pathan took care of the bowling front. The team managed to win 8 matches in 15 games, hence increasing their winning percentage from 50.00 to 53.33.


Season 5- Played- 18, Win-12

KKR IPL 2012

KKR Total Wins: A year, that was definitely been a year for KKR. KKR had the most number of wins in 2012. while finishing the table at the top. The team had finally found consistency in every department. The year was dedicated to Gautam Gambhir, as he had the best numbers of that season for KKR. Gambhir had scored a 93 against Royal Challengers Bangalore, 66 not out against Punjab and 63 against Chennai Super Kings, The team itself registered the highest number of wins that year, with 12 winnings from 18 games, the team had definitely scaled a level higher by winning their maiden IPL trophy

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Season 6- Played- 16, Win-6

2013 edition had seen many players coming and going in and out for KKR, the team struggled for maintaining the last year’s winning streak, as the registered yet another all-time worse records. Out of 16 games the team played, it managed to get the victory for only 6 of them with a winning percentage of 37. 50 and remained in the bottom of the table at third last position


Season 7- Played- 16, Win-11

KKR 2012

Most Wins by KKR: 2014 was the year definitely for the Kolkata Knight Riders, as the team finally made it to the top and managed to get the trophy home. The star players to create the history included Jaques Kallis, Gautam Gambhir, Robin Uthappa, Umesh Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, and Manish Pandey. The team had a total of 11 wins out 15 matches played with a 68.75% winning rate.

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Season 8- Played- 14, Win-7

KKR Total Wins: IN 2015, KKR struggled with maintaining their form, the team again came back at the second half of the points table, at 5th position. While out 24 matches they played, the team managed to win only 7 of them at a winning percentage of 53.84


Season 9- Played- 15, Win-8

KKR 2016

Season 9, again didn’t have a much of a difference statistically for KKR. As the team had a rough time figuring out what can be the best strategy to get the league done in a positive way. While the team didn’t make of a much difference, it was Gautam Gambhir, Yusuf Pathan who fought till the end, while Gambhir scoring 90 runs and Pathan 52 and 37 not out in two of the winning matches

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Season 10- Played- 16, Win-9

KKR was at a slightly better position if the points table was taken into consideration. The team managed to be at the first half of the table at 3rd position, with, out of 16 games they played, Knight Riders got 9 games in their name with a winning percentage of 56.25.


Season 11- Played- 16, Win-9

KKR 2018

KKR Total Wins: 2018 again was quite sloppy for the Kolkata Knight Riders as the team didn’t make any difference, and looked like they didn’t take into account the mistakes they did in the last season. While the numbers show exactly the same, the team had 9 wins out of 16 with 56.25 as the winning percentage


Season 12- Played- 14, Win-6

The latest season that happened in the year 2019, was a year full of surprises in IPL. Players like Andre Russel, Shubman Gill, Dinesh Karthik fought till the end, however, the team still was found at the second of the table at 5th position, as the team lacked consistency. Out of 14 games, the team got 6 in their name as a victory.