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Pravin Jadhav Professional life

Pravin Jadhav is an Indian Archery player and an inspiration for millions. He is an example of incredible hope. His father was a daily wage laborer and couldn’t afford to feed his children and despite this, Jadhav showed his interest in sports. He had to fight many odds to reach this far. Due to his malnourished childhood, he did not have enough stamina to become a star athlete and he took up archery and won a silver medal at the world championship archery in the Netherlands on 16th June which won him a seat in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Pravin Jadhav Early life

Pravin Jadhav Early life

Pravin Jadhav was born on 6th July 1996, in Satara, a district in Maharashtra. Satara is at the risk of drought and because he never got to eat enough to satisfy his hungry, he would always feel hungry. The classes were up to only 7th grade in his village school.

He was a sports fanatic starting during his early life and recognizing his passion, his primary teacher, Vikas Bhujpal, took him to a few sports activities which were cost-free like racing. But he was too weak to make it to district level due to his malnourished childhood.

His teacher was looking for a place in the Krida Prabodhini scheme of Maharashtra government to give him professional athletics training and an improved diet. However, he had faced struggles there too because his selection required accomplishment at advanced levels.

Sport is not just a mere hobby for him. He thinks it is a source of provision for his family. His parents, farmers and a younger brother that lives back at home. He thinks that as a source of ease for his family since archery and his achievements have brought ease to an extend to his family. His secured job is another reason for the satisfaction and fulfillment of his family.

Pravin Jadhav Personal life

Pravin Jadhav personal Life

Seeing all this, his primary teacher, took the responsibility on himself for providing him with a nutritious diet and asking other athletes to get one nutritious food for him everyday. Bhujpal used to feed him with required amount of eggs and chicken through which Jadhav discerned accomplishment at district level.

By the age of 13, he was able to be a part of the government scheme & receive training in Pune and thereafter, he was able to reach new heights as a sportsperson. His record was of running 800m with time limit of 3min 40sec which is the quality of a top-notch athlete. Looking closely at all his abilities, an archery coach – Praful Dange – at Krida Prabodhini, stated that Jadhav was well-matched for archery and had all the potentials of an archer.

But this is not all, he had to face many difficulties despite being selected. He was still weak when compared to other athletes and was consequently let go from the academy. Bhujpal was at his rescue again. He contacted an officer in education at Satara Zilla Parishad for primary schools, Mahesh Palkar, who was also a sports fanatic and he made a decision to aid Jadhav.

With the help of the two, Jadhav was selected again after being asked to give five chances for proving his worth. He made a return with 45+ score.

Jadhav represented India, being a 19-year old, for the 1st time at the Asia Cup Stage 1 and received Rs. 2.5 lakhs from the government and he gathered money to buy himself an archery kit as his time at Krida Prabodhini was coming to an end. The entire kit costed Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

Pravin Jadhav Professional life

Pravin Jadhav Professional life

He stayed at Prabodhini Amravati center for 3 years and then came back to Pune. In Pune, he was taking training under Ranjit Chamle – his coach – for 7 months. Pravin, who is ranked hawaldar with the Indian Army, stated “Two years ago, I got selected in the Army and also got support by the Olympic Gold Quest. The association with the Army Sports Institute (ASI) and Olympic Gold Quest came hand in hand as I could train better.” Jadhav is now a 23 year old boy who won the silver medal in the world championship archery in Netherlands.

When he was in the academy, he used to get Rs. 9000 per month. He also received RS. 2.5 lakhs from the government as he represented India at the world cup. He joined the Army in 2017 and have a secured job and is also supported by the Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ)

Pravin Jadhav Achievements

Pravin Jadhav Achievements

  • World archery championships: 1 silver (team-2019)
  • World archery championships: (caps: 2)
  • World cup stage: (caps: 3)
  • Universiades: (caps:1)
  • Bangkok 2016: bronze
  • Bangkok 2017 (world ranking tournament stage 1): 4th rank

Pravin Jadhav Personal Information
Name: Pravin Ramesh Jadhav
Age: 23 years
Date of birth: 6th July 1996
Hometown: Satara, a district in Maharashtra, India.
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Religion: Hindu
Education: The school in his village had classes only up till seventh grade. After that, he was a part of the scheme and received training at Balewadi in Pune. After 1 year, he was shifted to Pune.

How Pune athlete Pravin Jadhav turned into a high-flying archer was one of the controversies. He is an inspiration for those looking for a ray of light in the middle of darkness. Despite the difficulties in his life, he continued to persevere and endure all of it with patience and passion. His desire for sports was so high that it was visible on his face and recognized by is teacher. It was because of his hardwork that he came this far and his need to fulfill his family’s needs and his passion for sports. Despite all this weakness due to his malnourished childhood, he strove and tasted success of new heights.

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