PMGC 2022: Everything you need to know about Qualified teams for Grand Finals, Last Chance Final Standings and many more in detail

The ongoing PMGC 2022 is going through its business end where top teams are playing against each other for coverted title.

Ardent PMGC fans are waiting for 6th January 2022, when the Grand Finale of the marquee event will begin 16 teams fought against each other at the initial stages, and out of those top tier teams only 14 PUBG  Mobile teams have successfully secured their spots in the Grand Finals of PMGC 2022.

PMGC Championship

Let’s have a look at the list of 14 qualified teams in the below format:

Group Red

*Buriam United Sports (Thailand)

*Influence Rage Chemin Esports (Brazil)

* S2G Esports(Turkey)

Group Green

*Godlike Esports (Mongolia)

*Nova Esports (China)

*Fire Flux Esports (Turkey)

Group Yellow 

*Geek Fam(Malayasia)

*Four Angry Man (China)

*Trained to Kill(Nepal)

Other 5 teams qualified for the main event

*Alpha 7 Esports(Brazil)

* Vampire Esports(Thailand)

*IHC Esports(Mongolia)

*DRS Gaming(Nepal)

*INCO Gaming(Brazil)

Two Powerhouse teams including the likes of- Gunfire(China) & Alter Ego Max(Indonesia) will effectively complete 16 team lineup for the Grand Finals of marquee event.

These two teams booked their spot in Grand Finals of PMGC 2022 by winning regional tournaments. There has been immense disappointment when it comes to BGMI community as the game is banned in the country due to security reasons.

Based on reports in different media outlets, the popular gaming ecosystem will be back in March 2023 in India.

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