“Patience is the key to succeed in Indian Esports industry” reveals Aurum in exclusive discussion with Team Esportzcraazy

Esports in India is on the rise and credit should be given to all the stakeholders, managerial personnel, officials, and those who have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that this fastest-growing gaming community flourishes. The Indian Esports sector is developing at a quick speed.

Aurum(Professional BGMI Coach) was a recent participant in our exclusive Instagram series where we speak with individuals from the Esports business and discuss the current Esports ecosystem in India.  Let’s reveal our exclusive conversation in the manner described below:

Q-1: Tell us a bit about your journey as an Esports Player?

Aurum: It all began in 2010 when I began playing this game more and more often with my buddies while playing games like Call of Duty (Pro Mode) and NFS. As a Delhi native, I first participated in LAN tournaments because they were held there at the time, making it simple for me to compete. I began to like this well-known game after a few years had passed, and ever since then, I haven’t looked back.

Q-2: How easy/difficult it was for you to make the switch from PC player to Mobile Gaming Coach?

Aurum: As I previously mentioned, I used to monitor PMCO events, analyze meta-strategies, and attempt to comprehend whether the techniques we used to utilize could be applied to mobile gaming or not. Fortunately, he had success with it.

Q-3:Talk to us about the present ecosystem of Esports in India?

Aurum: As you can see, the Indian esports market is currently enormous. You may also pursue esports as a full-time job, and convincing parents is simpler now than it was in the past, when there was less awareness of the esports industry.

Question 4: Tell us about your present company, Team Vitality?

Aurum: Our company’s headquarters are in France, and the Indian division is known as “Team Vitality India.” We have rosters for some of the most well-known games, such as Call of Duty, and we still need to enlist BGMI players for the Indian division, but progress has stalled because the game is currently banned.


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Q-5: Talk to us about the potential of PC Gaming in India? 

Aurum: As prominent titles like Valorant are available in India, we currently need more PC gaming competitions, but there is still much work to be done to increase the popularity of PC gaming in India. In our nation, mobile gaming dominates PC gaming in terms of accessories, portability, and events.

Q-6: What is your style of Coaching? 

Aurum: I have experience working with a variety of levels where I interact with players both individually and as a team. I frequently share my experiences with them because I have witnessed a variety of live events, and I try to pass along my knowledge to my teammates so that they can benefit from both my knowledge and mistakes.

Q-7: How do you envision the content creation industry?

Aurum: Content creation, as you can see, is a must for every Esports organization. It is also something that is expanding quickly. I consider this area to be the second leg because it can be made profitable and you can also include sponsors in your videos if the interaction on those videos is strong.

Q-8: Message to Aspiring Coach and Fans?

Aurum:Previous event experience is necessary for coaching. If you have no prior experience with past events, it will be simple for you to shift from player to coach because you may examine many live events and begin building new ways of thinking. Research is also a crucial component of coaching. Fans should have patience since the game will eventually return.

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