What will be the impact of BGMI ban in Indian esports community?

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 Yesterday Indian BGMI players woke up with a harsh reality -the game is officially banned in the country following government orders and it is no longer available to download on Android and IOS devices. 

BGMI came in place of PUBG Mobile where the latter was also banned 2 years before due to security concerns but once the former was banned yesterday several people lost their jobs who are associated with this game. 

It is reported that a new version of BGMI will be launched soon with a different name as the game enjoyed massive popularity in the Indian sporting landscape. 

It’s officially Confirmed: BGMI is banned in India so what’s Next?

Many official, who plays an important role in the Indian esports community reacted to government’s decision to remove BGMI from Apple and Google Play store. 

Lokesh Suji, current director of Esports Federation of India claims that it is too early to comment on the situation without receiving clarification from the government. 

“India is paving its path to becoming a multi-sport nation where every sport is getting the right visibility, audience and investment to grow. We have to reflect the same in Esports where we need to start giving exposure to multi Esports titles and not limited to one.”

 “With so much attention on every front including the government, It’s also high time our Indian Video game developers speed up the process to launch world-class esports video game titles.” Suji added. 

Vishwalok Nath, current director of Esports Premier League reacted on this ban and stated “We are yet to receive an official statement from the Government on the reason behind the removal of the game from the Play Store and App Store. This is between the publisher and the government and we hope this issue will be resolved soon. For ESPL, it’s a wait-and-watch time to take further decisions.”

The ban on BGMI will be complete setback for all major stakeholders which include-tournament organisation, esport teams, coaches, support staff and most importantly Athletes but in our organisation (Revenant) we will be supporting BGMI athletes and make sure to use our training facility to create content and learn other esports disciplines. 

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