Most Number of Catches For CSK

Most Number of Catches For CSK

The old adage ‘catches win matches’ has held true ever since cricket has been played, and has never been more relevant than it is today. Modern-day cricket is a game of fine margins and a catch being dropped or being taken can be the even on which the game is decided. Cricket teams all over the world have recognised the importance of taking catches, and conduct dedicated catching drills as part of their pre-match preparation. Twenty20 cricket is a format in which the importance of taking your catches is heightened, whether it’s a regulation dolly, a screamer at point, or a miraculous juggling effort in the deep. Over the years, the IPL has thrown up a number of players on whom you would rely on to take almost every catch that comes their way (after all, nobody’s perfect!) and Chennai Super Kings have been fortunate to have had their fair share of such cricketers in their squads. On that note, let’s take a look at the 5 players with most number of catches for CSK in IPL matches.


#5 Murali Vijay (42 Catches)


Considering the fact that Murali Vijay hasn’t quite been what you would call a regular member of the Chennai Super Kings, it might be surprising to see him feature on this list of 5 players with most number of catches for CSK in IPL history. However, the Tamil Nadu batsman has always displayed a safe set of hands whenever he has featured for CSK. Vijay can usually be seen in the slips or similarly close in at the start of the innings, dropping back to the boundary during the latter stages of the contest. And, with 42 catches in 86 matches for the men in yellow, it’s safe to say that he isn’t a man who drops many!


#4 Faf du Plessis (42 Catches)

Faf Du Plessis

Although he is an overseas player, one who isn’t always available for selection due to his commitments to the South African national side to boot, the fact that Faf du Plessis is among the top 5 players with most number of catches for CSK in IPL history is testament to how good a fielder he is. Like Vijay, du Plessis also starts off close in, usually at mid-on or mid-off, before retreating to the boundary in the slog overs. As is the case with most Proteas, du Plessis is in fantastic shape and covers the ground well, a factor that sees him pouch many a miscued skier towards the end of the innings. In 71 matches for the men in yellow du Plessis has taken 42 catches, which is why he is almost always selected in the playing XI as one of the overseas options.


#3 Ravindra Jadeja (48 Catches)

Ravindra Jadeja Photo

Ravindra Jadeja only joined the Chennai outfit in 2012 and played for the Gujarat Lions for the two years that CSK was out of action, which is why it’s remarkable to see him claim third spot among the top 5 players with most number of catches for CSK in IPL matches. However, he has been an integral part of the Super Kings’ set up since he has joined, playing almost every game for the men in yellow and taking 48 catches. Displaying exemplary athleticism and a safe pair of hands, Sir Jadeja has made the point position pretty much his own, whether he’s playing for Chennai or for the Indian national side. In addition to his excellent fielding, his bowling is such that he hurries the batsmen into playing false shots, a tactic that also brings about a fair share of caught and bowled wickets too.


#2 Dwayne Bravo (58 Catches)

Dwayne Bravo

As one of the most gifted athletes to play in the IPL as well as one of the tournament’s most consistent performers, it’s no surprise that Dwayne Bravo is one of the 5 players with most number of catches for CSK in IPL history. The man from Trinidad is one of the best fielders to have patrolling the boundary in the latter stages of an innings and takes a number of high-pressure grabs. Like Jadeja, his 58 catches are divided between efforts in the outfield and caught and bowled opportunities that he creates through accurate deliveries and crafty variations.


#1 Suresh Raina (103 Catches)

Suresh Raina Photo

Top spot among the 5 players with most number of catches for CSK in IPL history is claimed by Chennai’s Mr. Consistent Suresh Raina. Already a phenomenal close-in fielder, Raina hardly misses a game and is regularly seen in the 30-yard circle at point or in the covers. He has come up with some real blinders over the years and with Jadeja beside him in the infield, CSK have one of the most formidable fielding units in the IPL. This assertion is backed up by the fact that Raina has taken 103 grabs for CSK over his IPL career, the only man to reach three figures in the tournament’s history.