Lakshya Sen-Personal Information & Career Achievements

Lakshya Sen,a young talented badminton player from India, started showing his talent at a very young age, and slowly but systematically roe to the very top of the junior badminton chart in the entirety of India. Often called one of the very best badminton players in recent memory, Lakshya comes from a family which is heavily invested in badminton, as his father is a nationwide famous coach and his brother is another famous international player.

A young player that has managed to surprise the entire world with just how good he was at the sport, he quickly became the number one in the BWF world rankings. He ranks at the BWF number 1 in the entire world and has become the most well-known player in the recent BWF tournaments. They have become a tournament where he regularly defeats some of the best badminton players in the country.

Lakshya, being one of the most talented India has to offer in badminton, has also competed in senior level matches and tournaments, and has defeated opponents larger, more experienced and more famous than him quite easily, as he has often proven himself to be one of the very best players to be present at these tournaments.

Being one of the very best Youth Players in the entire world, he has also competed in the Youth Olympics, which is known as the most respected and toughest Youth tournament in the entire world, and won a silver medal in the Boys’ Singles Event.

Personal Information

lakshya sen

Lakshya Sen was born on 16th August 2001, in Almora, Uttarakhand, India. A fantastic player, he started playing from a very young age and showed his talent from a young age.

A right-handed player, he is often called a master of right-handed playing.

One of the biggest inspirations in his young playing career was his father, D.K Sen. He is known across India as one of the very best badminton coaches in the entire country, and it was under his tutelage that Lakshya was able to bring out the real talent from himself.

Other than his father, he has been coached by Vimal Kumar and Prakash Padukone. Both of these are known as good coaches across the country.

Famous Tournaments Participated in

2018 Youth Olympic Games: Competing in the Olympics was one of the highest points of his career, as only the best athletes are allowed to compete in the Olympics. Again, Lakshya proved himself to be a not only competent but the excellent badminton player as he won a silver medal in the Boys’ Event against his opponent Li Chifeng, from China.

2018 Asian Junior Championships: The 2018 Asian Junior Championships was a particularly good tournament for Lakshya, as he won a gold medal in the Boys’ Singles Event. Held at Jakarta, this tournament was one where Lakshya again showed his prowess as one of the very best badminton players to have come out of India.

BWF International Challenge: Lakshya Sen is the topmost player in the BWF rankings in the entire world, and the reason for this is the pure skill he shows while playing. His energy and zest while playing have become known around the entire world. A fine example of this is the recent 2018 Tata Open India International, where he not only went on to defeat every single opponent, but indeed won the tournament, and declared himself as the very best player there.

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