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HS Prannoy

An Introduction to HS Prannoy

HS Prannoy

Prannoy Haseena Sunil Kumar is one of the most well known Indian badminton players to be currently playing in the badminton field, and is recognized all over the nation as one of the very best athletes in the entirety of India. He is recognized all over India as the number 2 player, and thus has slowly made his way to become one of the very best badminton players in India. Being one of the most well-known names in Indian Badminton, HS Prannoy is also famous in countries abroad, as he has gone overseas to represent India quite a lot of time at some of the toughest tournaments in the entire world.

A player that has participated in Olympic Tournaments more than once, this awesome badminton player has reached the level of mastery where he is one of the very regulars for the Indian badminton sector in the Olympic Badminton sport. After going abroad to represent India in the most respected tournament in the entire world, HS Prannoy has returned not only proud but also victorious, as he has won a number of honors, awards and medals in foreign and Olympic tournaments.

Winning the Silver Medal in Boys’ Singles in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics is one of the most important milestones of his life, as this was the point where his talent and skill became famous throughout India. Now recognized as one of the best players of Badminton in India, HS Prannoy became one of the most famous athletes in India, and paved his way to becoming the No.2 badminton player in India with all of his wins.

Personal Information

HS Prannoy

Prannoy Haseena Sunil Kumar was born on 17th July, 1922, in Delhi India, and being born in the very capital of the country enabled this awesome player to get the proper training and recognition he needed in order to be able to properly display his talent to the entire country. Though he was born with the name Prannoy Haseena Sunil Kumar, this name is quite long and hard to pronounce, and so came about the origin and cause for the nickname HS Prannoy.

He stands a normal man at 5 feet, 10 inches, a standard height for the men of India, and is a light man at 161 lbs (73 kilograms).

He is a right handed player, and is coached by Pullela Gopichand, who is one of the finest badminton coaches in the entirety of India. Studying under this famed coach has been a big help to HJS Prannoy in his journey to fame.

He currently trains at the Gopichand Badminton Academy, an already famous and well-equipped academy which has become one of the most famous training academies in the entirety of India due to him.

He is supported by the GoSports Foundation, which has been one of his most steadfast supporters, and he has been a part of their scholarship program since 2011.

Famous Tournaments Honored In

HS Prannoy

2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Championship: One of his latest wins, the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Championship was a quite good occasion for this awesome player to be properly able to display the extent of his skill and talent. He proved himself to be one of the very finest players in the world when he won a gold medal in the tournament.

2018 Wuhan Asian Championships: Again, HS Prannoy proved his talent and skill to the entire world when he distinguished himself in the 2018 Wuhan Asian Championships. Being one of the finest players present, he won a bronze medal in the tournament.

2016 Hyderabad Asia Team Championships: HS Prannoy won a bronze medal in the 2016 Hyderabad Asia Team Championships.

Honors and Medals

HS Prannoy

2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Championship: As this awesome player went on to shock the entire world worth his prowess in Badminton, quite a lot of people expected him to earn a medal in this tournament, which he did by winning by the Gold Medal for Mixed Team.

2016 Guwahati South Asian Games: He won the gold medal for the Men’s team event in the 2016 Guwahati South Asian Games, and again made his country proud with his skill at the game.

2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games: He won the Silver medal for the Boys’ Singles event in the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games. This was undoubtedly one of the highest points of his career.

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