Jürgen Klopp hits back at Roy Keane and says Liverpool weren’t sloppy


Jürgen Klopp said he “loved pretty much each second” of Liverpool’s compelling 3-1 win over Arsenal and rejected suggestions from the Sky pundit Roy Keane that his side had been sloppy in parts.

Liverpool were commanding from start to finish at Anfield, although they did allow Alexandre Lacazette to score and the same player missed a spectacular chance to equalise after the hour. Jurgen Klopp was thrilled with a third successive victory in their title defence and praised their team efforts.

“It was a really good game, I loved pretty much each second,” he said, making an exception for Lacazette’s goal.

“Against a top team in form, playing like we did tonight is something, to be honest.

“The way we played, I liked a lot. We looked pretty ruthless and kept them within 25 metres in front of their goal. Each ball you lose is a potential counterattack; everyone knows the speed they have. It takes a proper mix between being brave, flexible, direct and being perfectly protected.”

Within minutes of full-time Klopp had crossed swords with Keane, overhearing the former Manchester United captain’s description of his team as “sloppy on one or two occasions at the back” as he prepared to come on air.

“Did I hear right that Mr Keane said we had a sloppy performance tonight because I could hear you already? Did he say that?” Klopp asked.

“This was a sloppy performance tonight? Maybe he spoke about another game. It cannot be this game, sorry. That’s an incredible description. This was absolutely exceptional. Nothing was sloppy, absolutely nothing.”

Keane had in fact heaped praise on Liverpool’s performance and Klopp had not heard the full context, something he was happy to admit later.

“You cannot defend [AGAINST]Arsenal for 90 minutes with the quality they have,” he said. “It’s completely normal they have chances.”