Finally the Rocket Science Revealed Behind Jaspreet Bumrah Bowling Mystery

Jasprit Bumrah

Jaspreet Bumrah Bowling Mystery:- There is hardly any batsmen to have figured out the mystery behind Jaspreet Bumrah lethal bowling. The batters across the globe are clueless about his bowling action, seam position and release time, this is the reason why batters aren’t able to judge his length and are getting dismissed consistently.

But there is one, who has finally decoded the rocket science behind Jaspreet Bumrah bowling. No, he is not a cricketer, ex-cricketer nor a commentator; he is an IIT Kanpur professor Sanjay Mittal, who is a professor and a department head of Aerospace Engineering.

Jasprit Bumrah

He has finally decoded the science behind the bowling action and the mind-boggling success enjoyed by India’s one of greatest bowlers Jasprit Bumrah. In a study, he said that Bumrah speed, seam position and rotational speed of 1000 RPM gives 0.1 ratios of the ball, which provides ball a reverse magnum effect.

The greatest quality that Bumrah so lethal is his ability is to dip the ball at a great pace, which gives minimum reaction time to the batsmen and therefore the chances of making mistakes are at the maximum.

The aspects that set him apart from others are the movement of the cricket ball that causes a thin air layer across the surface of the ball called the boundary layer. The actual location of the seam point exerts the pressure on the ball that lately separates the surface causing turbulence on the lower side of the ball.

Jasprit Bumrah bowling

Another aspect is a fluid flow that flows smoothly at a slower pace, but when the pace is enhanced the fluid flow, the irregularities increases and also causes back spins to the ball. You can easily understand the difference between a normal delivery and Bumrah delivery with reverse magnum effect.

Jaspreet Bumrah regularly clocks the speed of 145 km/hr. with a rotational speed of 100 RPM that causes a downward force on the cricket ball causing it to dip sharply providing uneven discomfort to the batsmen.

Although only time will tell for how long can Bumrah continue his dominance in the international arena and will he be the trump card in the upcoming World Cup 2019?

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