CWC 2019: 5 Batsmen who could be the highest Run Scorer


Highest Run Scorer in World Cup: Batting department has been a powerful segment for every team because it helps them to achieve big scores and make big scores to win games in an easy way. Most of the teams focus more on batting department because it chokes the opponents with a powerful batting lineup. The ICC world cup 2019 is one of the competitive world cups because of powerful hitters in every team. A set of in-form batsman allows the team to maximum mileage by enjoying a decent amount of runs on board.

Every team has a good set of front and middle order batsmen, which gives them a comfortable room to bat. It is highly essential for every player to have a backup of at least one or two players down the line because it helps them to take the risk by going for big shots from time to time. Most of the teams have a good set of all rounder’s, who has the capability to hit big during death. Hitting big in the death overs is a crucial factor because it accelerates score to win matches easily.

Batsmen who could be the Highest Run Scorer in World Cup 2019

David Warner (Aus)

Highest Run Scorer in World Cup: David Warner had a rough time during ball tempering scandal but is out and a changed man. Australians have changed their behavior ever since the scandal came to light and the real talents are coming out slowly. It is a well-known fact that David has been a powerful striker before and after the scandal. Warner had a good IPL season, which gives him an extra boost to play for the country. The player has not lost touch over the bat, which gives a great advantage for the team to put runs.

highest Run Scorer in World Cup

IPL is a different ball game compared to the World cup because of various elements. IPL is T20 cricket, which requires people to go and hit irrespective of the condition. One Day international matches require some amount of patience to bat because the team requires batsmen to save their wicket. Warner is a good option for both the formats because he plays long innings without compromising on the strike rate. Warner emerged as the highest run-getter in the IPL 2019, which earned him an orange cap. He scored a massive 692 runs for SRH, which lead them to win plenty of matches in the league stage.


Virat Kohli is known for his consistency for a long time now. The Indian Captain has got the skills to play in different conditions without affecting the performance. The run machine has a good record of adapting to the English conditions, which makes him an experienced batsman. Virat Kohli is in a great form, where produces a good number of runs on board without losing the wicket.

highest Run Scorer in World Cup

Kohli is the captain of the Indian Cricket team and it is necessary to lead the team from the front to gain respect. Leading from the front helps him motivate other players, which allows the team to win matches on a regular basis. Most of the Kohli’s greatest innings are match finishing innings, where he stands on the ground till the end of the match. The character gives him a lot of strength to score runs continuously for the team.


Babar Azam is popularly known as the Virat Kohli of Pakistan, who is following his steps of not losing consistency. Gone are the days, when players enjoyed theirs out of form days. The current generation players work hard to improve their efficiency to play a performance-oriented innings consistently. Babar Azam is only Pakistan batsman, who has never seen an out-of-form ticket ever since he started his international journey.

highest Run Scorer in World Cup

The player remains calm and keeps adding runs by rotating the strike in an easy manner. The knack of scoring the small number of runs does not pressurize either the bowler or the batsman but makes a huge impact on the game. Babar Azam has the ability to stand on the ground for a long time, which lets him add more runs. A consistent inning with a good number of runs is more than enough to be the highest scorer of the tournament.


Quinton De Kock is one of the experienced batsmen, who have played in different conditions in a positive way. The South African keeper has promoted himself by becoming the opening specialist of the team for a long time now. It is necessary for every team to build players based on their potential because it helps them to enjoy the result over a period of time. Quinton De Kock was trained to perfection, which has let him be one of the finest openers in cricket.

highest Run Scorer in World Cup

De Kock played for Mumbai Indians in the IPL and had a good journey all through the tournament. This is enough for people to understand that he is a great touch with his bat. An in-form Quinton De Kock has the capability to destroy any pace attack, which lets the opponents commit mistakes.


Jonny Bairstow is a quality batsman cum wicketkeeper, who has gained a lot of attention for some time now. Bairstow’s consistency in playing big shots allows him as one of the best batsmen in the world. Jonny Bairstow hails from England, which gives an extra room of advantage to understand the pitch conditions. It is essential for every team to have players, who can contribute in both the innings to take maximum mileage.


Jonny Bairstow is a fabulous wicketkeeper, who contributes by keeping well on the other innings. It is easy for him to take the spot irrespective of the batting capabilities. Jonny Bairstow has a total of 7 centuries with only 63 ODIs. The performance gives a hint about how the player can add runs to the board in a comfortable way.

Highest Run Scorer in World Cup: The sport is evolving at a great speed and most of the teams present the best of their talents. Every team has a specialist batsman, who comes with a reputation of adding a lot of runs without losing the wicket. It is essential for every team to have a couple of players with form because it helps in building partnerships. Building partnerships is a crucial aspect for every team in One Day Internationals because it helps the team to put a maximum number of runs on the board by the end of the game.

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