Japan’s Naomi Osaka becomes the world’s highest-paid female athlete

naomi osaka

Japan’s Naomi Osaka has surpassed Serena Williams as the world’s highest-paid female athlete, ranking in $37.4 million in prize money and endorsements over the last year according to the latest report revealed by Forbes.

naomi osaka

The 22-year-old who won Grand Slam Championship is the most earned female athlete in a single year period. She earned $1.4 million which is much more than American great Serena Williams who had topped the list for four years.

However, Maria Sharapova still held the record of a female athlete who earned maximum in one year as she made $29.7 million in 2015.

Female tennis players have always occupied the top spot of women’s female sports player list since 1990 it has been either Williams or Sharapova leading the way from 2004 as one of the richest female athletes. 

She burst into the limelight by beating Williams in 2018 U.S Open final-a highly controversial match in which Williams lost the match as she also violated the rules of the game too.

The Japanese won 2019 Australian Open, after then there has been a significant drop in her form falling from world number one to 10th on the WTA rankings. Her father is Haitian American and she has a Japanese mother but her engaging personality and attacking style of play have combined to make her one of the world’s most marketable athletes.

Taking about sponsorship deals she has including global brands such as Nike, Nissan Motors, and Yonex.