IPL 2022 Retention Rules: Old teams can keep four players in their squad, three early picks for new teams

The richest T20 cricket league in the world has been expanded now with the addition of two more teams in the form of Ahmedabad and Lucknow and now the 8 team tournament has been added to 10.

The eight existing IPL teams will be able to retain a maximum of four players and two new franchises will be able to acquire three players from the remaining player’s pool ahead of the 2022 auction. The total amount of the purse is likely to be 90 crores(US$12 million approx)which was slightly more than the 85 crore amount that was kept in 2021 auction.

However, the existing teams who has given the choice of retaining four players where they can ideally go with the combination of keeping 3 Indian player and 1 overseas player or two Indians or two overseas.

The two new franchise who has been given choice of picking 3 players but the thing which remains unclear that whether these players will be picked from the existing players who are not retained by eight franchise or from a large auction pool whose date is still not announced yet.

If these two new franchises will be given a choice to pick from the group of players who are not retained from their existing team then it is clear that a player-draft system is likely to take place.

As per reports are to believe from different media outlets, players can be given a choice that whether he wants to be retained or would like to put their hat into the auction pool. IPL is slowly and steadily emerging as fasting growing league in the world and the popularity of IPL can be clearly stated by the fact that British Mayor suggested BCCI to host IPL in London when coronavirus cases were at the peak in India.