Indian Sportsperson who holds a degree in Engineering

“Engineers can do anything” this is a very popular saying it has turned out to be true as several engineers after completing their degree went on to pursue different professions whether it is acting, singing, choreography you will find engineers everywhere that is a compliment in itself and not only that they are extremely successful too.

Let’s talk about 5 players who hold an Engineering degree who went on to make it big in the field of Sports:


  • Anil Kumble: Former India skipper and legendary spinner Anil Kumble is regarded as one of the best players who have played the game of cricket but many of you would not be aware of his Engineering degree which he holds in Mechanical Engineering from a college in Bangalore. In total, he has taken 950 wickets in his International career.

  • Sathiyan Gnansekaran: He is known as one of the finest players produced by India in the Table tennis circuit and holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology From St Joseph’s College in Chennai. In fact, based on his interview given to one of the media outlets he stated that his dream was to become an engineer first and table tennis was the second choice.

Manasi Joshi

  • Manasi Joshi: One of the well-known players for India in Para-Badminton sport who is also the current reigning champion in the SL3 category. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from KJ College in Mumbai.


shikha-pandey   *  Shikha Pandey: A very well known fast bowler from the Women in the Blue squad who can curtail any batswomen with her ferocious deliveries and has represented India in more than 100 matches so far holds a degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Goa College of Engineering and is currently employed with Indian Air Force.

  • Ravichandran Ashwin: Ashwin is one of the modern greats of the game as he has already clinched more than 400 Test wickets. He hails from Tamil Nadu and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the SSN College of Engineering in Chennai.