Indian Golfer Rashid Khan Writes to Prime Minister and Home Minister to look into DGC Case

Indian Golfer Rashid Khan is not happy with Delhi Golf Club on their “anti sports policy” as the clash between the club and the player is being going from quite some time now. He has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, asking them to order an inquiry against Delhi Golf Club (DGC).

The biggest reason why he want’s inquiry to be conducted as it is hampering his preparation for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics which is scheduled in 2021. Rashid who has clinched Asian Tour trophy twice is not allowed to practice at the DGC facility on disciplinary grounds which started in January 2019 along with other golfers at the course.

In the letter written by Rashid Khan, he has clearly stated that: “DGC’s arbitrary and unlawful stoppage of my playing rights amounts to a completely anti-sport action on its part. In addition, DGC is directly responsible or engaging in several unconstitutional and illegal acts, including some criminal acts of collusion and conspiracy”.

He expressed his opinion while talking to ANI where he said that the tussle between him and DGC is going for quite some time and now he is practising on other golf courses otherwise his preparation will be impacted for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021.

“In the last two years this has been the biggest problem for me they had stopped everything in January 2019 without giving any letter or information to me that they are stopping our play and training here at DGC. They are just saying that it’s because of indiscipline, it’s a lifetime ban so I have started my practice somewhere else and for the past two years I am going there,” said Rashid.

“At DGC, I have spent 20 years and they are behaving like this. They never explained to me about the ban from their side. On January 12, 2019, there was some fight and from January 16, 2019, they stopped me from entering at DGC, at least let me know the reason for the ban but nothing as of now has been confirmed to me,” he added.

He said that he wrote letter to Prime Minister and Home Minister as he received no help from Sports Minister and being the top player from India it hurts that I am not getting permission to practice at DGC.

“We are here to play golf not to fight with anyone, I have written to PM and the HM to look into the matter and I have also requested them to order an inquiry. My biggest problem is to train, max to max 10 times I have played at golf ground after lockdown. It’s a serious issue.”

“I tried to approach the Sports Minister also but nothing happened. I am feeling helpless. I have tried to settle down the matter but they asked me to come alone, I am a top player in India I can’t go alone as the players behind me need my support. I want golf to grow, but looking at the situation I don’t think something will happen soon in this regard. Rashid added