Women’s Pro Golf Tour gets underway on Wednesday

Aditi Ashok

Women’s Professional Golf Circuit is all set to start from Wednesday at Par-72 Noida Golf Course . It is certainly a big milestone for Women’s Golf Association who has scheduled three events over the next three weeks. It will be the seventh leg of the Women’s Pro Golf Tour where as the last event was held in March 2020.

The field will include five amateurs and players from all over India.Among the WGAI players who were playing on Ladies European Tour which include names like Tvesa Malik, Diksha Dagar and Astha Madan will be seen competing in the eighth and ninth legs of the Tour. Out of these three, only Diksha will be playing in Noida.

Ridhima who qualified for China LPGA tour but couldn’t go said: “I have been practicing at every course and driving range around the NCR like DLF, Skyline, Harmoni and so on. But noting beats a competitive pro event, so this is very welcome for all of us”.

The first six events that WPG has organised till date has witnessed six different winners, including an amateur. Also, WGAI is following all the protocol and making sure that the tournament is organised following all the health protocols established by the respective authority. As the players will undergo temperature screening before being allowed to play, and caddies will strictly maintain social distancing where caddies will also be wearing masks and will be following all the protocols kept in place to make sure that the tournament is organised without affecting the health of an individual.

These events will certainly inspire all young girls out there who want to pick the game of golf as a profession. As Indian women’s player like Aditi Ashok, Sharmila Nicollet and Tvesha Malik has done well for India in last few years have brought laurels for the nation. Indian Golf certainly needs more backing from the federation as well as from Sports Ministry to shine like other games in India who are growing from strength to strength in last few years.