Harbhajan Singh lauds cricketer Shahid Afridi for distributing ration to 200 families

Shahid Afridi and Harbhajan Singh

At a time when the whole world is struggling to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, people are terrified about their lives, and the economy of the countries hit by the virus is collapsing, there are many who have pushed the panic button and are stuffing their homes with needful amenities out of fear. But because of this ‘panic buying’, the poor are struggling to even get their hands on the most basic essentials.

Shahid Afridi and Harbhajan Singh

Former captain of the Pakistani National Team, Shahid Afridi felt the need of the hour and has emerged as a hero for the needy as the cricketer took charge of distributing rations to 200 families in his country. Many people including, Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh were impressed by his sheer kindness. 

Applauding his generosity and sportsmanship towards humanity, Harbhajan Singh took to Twitter to praise the former all-rounder and posted. “Great work for humanity @SAfridiOfficial May god bless us all.. more power to you praying for world’s well being..  Nanak naam chardikala tere bhaane sarbat de bhala”,


His compassionate gesture doesn’t stop there as the humanitarian went on to spread awareness about the impact of the coronavirus on other patients suffering from different diseases especially the patients of thalassemia who require about 28,000 units of blood on a daily basis but the supply of which has now reduced to a mere 3,000 units and requested the Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Health Minister of Pakistan to arrange for some ways by which people can donate without any trouble.

The Pakistan International cricketer runs a non-profit organization by the name of “Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF)” which he founded in March 2014 for the purpose of providing education. Healthcare assistance and sports facilities in Pakistan and all over the world.

Pakistan has registered approx. 900 cases of people infected by the coronavirus and has witnessed 6 deaths by it till now.