Harbhajan Singh and Ravi Shastri supports PM Modi’s against Coronavirus

Harbhajan Singh Narendra Modi and-Ravi Shastri

Harbhajan Singh and Ravi Shashtri came out in support of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to light a candle this Sunday to show the unity to a light candle, Diya or torch on 5th April at 9 pm in the ongoing fight against coronavirus.

Shastri said that “To unite the strength of 130 crore people let us all light a candle, torch or lamp at 9 pm for 9 minutes to show our unity and fight against this novel coronavirus”.

However, Harbhajan Singh also joined Shashtri in supporting people as he added “Let us all follow what our leader “Pm Modi” is saying stay at home, stay safe and let us all light candles, Diya or lamp to show our unity but please don’t go to the streets to light a lamp, candles or Diya”.

The prime minister in his today’s speech told people to do this as there are two reasons behind that People followed the Janta Curfew where people came out of their house balconies and generated sounds through clangs and pots to show solidarity to all the medical professionals, police officers who are working hard during this pandemic.

Also to avoid the darkness that this pandemic has brought not to our country but all the world in general

Please unite as there is a panic situation in the country so do unite at this time and fight against this novel coronavirus.

As currently there is 21 days lockdown and 80 percent are following that only 20 percent are people are still on the roads and because of that we can see the alarming levels in case of coronavirus. So the overall gist is “Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Lockdown is the solution of this pandemic “till the time there is no vaccination lockdown and social distancing is the only solution of this pandemic.