Former CSK Batsman reveals that MS Dhoni requested him for not using Mongoose bat

Matthew Hayden

Matthew Hayden’s contribution to the Australian cricket cannot be described in mere words. He has played a lot of match-winning innings for Australia.

Opposition bowlers had a hard time devising strategies to eliminate the left-handed batsman as he was destructive with the bat and provided the width to clear the fences easily.

Dhoni and Hayden

He played the same role in the Indian Premier League and provided a good start to CSK several times. He was instrumental in the run chase for CSK.

Mangoose bat was trending in 2010 as using it, Matthew Hayden scored a stroke filed 93 of just 43 balls against Delhi Daredevils (now known as Delhi Capitals).

But CSK skipper MS Dhoni never liked the bat and requested Hayden to not use it on the match day.

Recently during an interaction, Mathew Hayden talked about the mongoose bat. He took his mongoose bat out during a live session on Instagram, and then he recalled the incident when MS Dhoni requested him not to use the bat anymore. But he stuck with the choice and said he is happy for making taking that decision.

“I get a lot of questions around this particular product (Mongoose bat). I remember MS Dhoni saying, ‘Mate, I will give you anything you want in your life, please don’t use this bat’. But, the fact is, when I hit from the middle of this bat, the ball went 20 meters further. That bat was stepping in the right direction and it was a brave and courageous decision to use it,” Hayden said.

He explained the technical aspects of the bat during the session as well. He said that since no other batsman used it further, the popularity of the mongoose bat faded away after 2010.

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