Dutee Chand to sell her Luxury car to meet her training expenses amidst Covid-19 crises

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dutee chand

Indian ace sprinter Dutee Chand will be selling her BMW 3 series, which she bought in in 2018 from Telegana, for 30 Lakhs. She now wants to sell it so that her training for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 doesn’t hamper. Speaking to timesnownews.com, Dutee said, with a lack of sponsorship and no competitions, this is the only way of meeting her financial needs.

“Due to the ongoing pandemic, all completions have been canceled. Sponsorships for the Olympics are also no longer there. I have spent all my money and haven’t earned anything in the last few months. There will be no new sponsors either during this time so selling my car is the only option left.”

Dutee doesn’t train as per the norms of the Athletics Federation of India(AFI), hence no support from AFI. She trains as per the support she gets from state government and KIIT university as a sponsor but all her money from sponsors had been utilized keeping in mind the earlier date of Olympics, 23rd July 2020.

The BMW series 3 was Dutee’s first luxury purchase but the ongoing Covid-19 crises has forced her to put up an advertisement to sell the car, but this hasn’t dampened her spirit.

“I’m not upset. I was able to buy the car because of my competitions. I will again compete, earn money, and buy myself a luxury car. The important thing right now is to focus and train for Olympics in 2021,” said Asian Games 2018 silver medalist.

She only had one sponsor at the moment which is Puma, which also expires in December this year. It is sad to see an athlete going down like this as she had to sell her car to meet her training expenses that raises a lot of questions about the support that athletes receive from the government. Expecting medals without providing proper help perhaps isn’t possible.