BGMI Unban News Latest Update: Battle Ground Mobile India most likely to return soon with major modifications, Check Complete Detail


Battle Ground Mobile India, which had a sizable fan base in the nation, and was banned last year for security grounds, is most likely to make comeback soon.

According to a source close to game developer Krafton, informed to distinct media outlets that developers had done lengthy discussions with government representatives and based on that the game will return for a brief period of time.

Government officials are aiming to lift the restriction because Krafton has agreed to several demands, and a source close to the developer has said that Krafton would abide by all laws formed by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

According to rumors from several media outlets, the game will only be back for three months, and players won’t be able to play it this time around 24 hours a day since the new update will only permit users to play the game for a short period of time that has not yet been determined.

According to sources close to the developer, the hue of blood will alter, and the designer will use blue or green instead of red to represent it.

As a result of numerous murder cases being reported by players who became fixated on this game, the server will undergo considerable adjustments.

According to information provided by News18, the decision to lift the ban on BGMI (despite the game’s enormous popularity and financial success) was made after intelligence services informed a designated government entity that China had quickly acquired India’s data via this app.

Additionally, it discussed how sensitive data was exposed to Chinese servers via this gaming application.

In the most recent editions, sources close to Krafton claimed that they had agreed to make significant changes to the game’s design in order to protect it from the potential of cyberattack.

The players that played this game prior to the ban will notice a significant change in the maps, artilleries, and combat capabilities accessible in this well-known gaming ecosystem once the game returns.