“I have no interest in Content Creation at all as my aim is different” reveals Prince Original in an exclusive chat with us


After popular games like BGMI and Free Fire were banned, the Indian esports ecosystem came to a standstill. Esportzcraazy is dedicated to covering any news regarding this ecosystem.

We had the opportunity to speak in-depth with Prince Original (BGMI Pro Player) as part of our Instagram series where we regularly engage with members of this community to better understand the present and future of Indian Esports. Let’s go over each of our chats in the order listed below:

Q-1: How things are going in life? 

Prince Original: See, right now it feels like a vacation, thus I’m eagerly anticipating the return of this well-liked game.

Q-2: How did you develop an interest in Gaming?

Prince Original: Like other children, I started to show an interest in playing a variety of games, such as Clash of Clans, Mini Malaysia, Teen Patti, and others. One of my friends suggested that I give PUBG a try, and as soon as I started to show an interest in it, everything changed.

Q3: Describe your favorite gaming-related moment for us?

Prince Original: I’ve had some doubts about qualifying for BGIS, but in the end, I was successful, which was one of my favorite moments as a professional athlete

Q-4: What’s your take on the BGMI ban? 

Prince Original: Sincerely, I don’t know when this well-liked game will return; in these trying times, all we can do is get familiar with its intricacies and wait patiently for its return.


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Q-5-How do you reflect on your professional journey till date?

Prince Original: My schooling was excellent, and I used to take part in extracurricular activities at annual functions. I balanced my schoolwork and gaming profession flawlessly.

Q-6: Who is your current favorite player?

Prince Original: Jonathan is my favorite player of all time because he puts a lot of effort into his game and is a hard worker; you can tell when you see him play and watch him broadcast live.

Q-7: Talk to us about your opinion towards the field of content creation? 

Prince Original: The field of Indian Esports offers enormous possibilities for content creation, but it also requires consistency and suggestions for long-term video production.

Q-8: What is your future strategy?

Prince Original: I am waiting patiently for the game to return if it doesn’t I would not dive into another field of Esports as I have no interest in the field of content creation.

Q-9: What is the guiding principle behind esports success?

Prince Original: The secret to success is hard work; without it, nothing is possible. To succeed in this sport, you also need excellent teamwork.

Q-10: Message to Fans?

Prince Original: Just keep supporting all players in our community and wait patiently for BGMI to return.

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