Esortzcraazy Pro League Season 2 Free Fire Max Day 5 Highlights: Team Captains at the top spot; Big Brother trailing at 2nd place


Intense rivalry and performance displayed by distinct teams on the Grand Finale opening day of the Esportzcraazy Pro League Season 2 Free Fire Max became the perfect treat for ardent esports fans.

The day started out with a match between Team Big Brother Esports and Team Mafia. The former started off against the latter with an easy victory, and as the match went on into the second round, they significantly increased their lead and moved to the top of the leaderboard.

As it came down to the third and fourth rounds, Head Hunters and 3x gaming, respectively, caricatured excellent performances in terms of booyah.

There was so much at stake on Grand Finale opening day as teams were showcasing their mental resilience to develop an edge over others.

When it came down to the fifth and sixth games, Team Twisted esports took the consistent booyah in the end, showcasing an aggressive fight between them. In the end, Team Hind went for continous booyah and defeated team Mafia.


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CPT Sikander won the Most Valuable Player award with 18 incredible kills at the crucial moments of the game.

When the day was complete, there had been a significant shift in the overall standings, with notable teams like Captains at the top, Big Brothers in second, and Team Hind Esports taking third.

Focusing more on the evolution of the Team Captains, they produced a huge comeback in the fifth game, displayed their grit and abilities in the most vital situations, and this led to their development.

Free Fire Max Pro League season 2 organized by Esportzcraazy, is a competition one of its kind, to ensure that young esports players make the most out of it and progress at the elite level.

The league organized by Esportzcraazy has already become the talk of the town, with Grand Finale Day 1 displayed on official Esportzcraazy Youtube channel, had some mouth watering numbers in reference to average visitors and peak live viewing hours which were close to 624 and 1691 hours, respectively, with more than 15 thousand views and 1,000 likes to make the last day even more exciting.

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