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10 Batsmen who have Scored Most runs in ODI 2018

Most Runs in ODI 2018-19

Most runs in ODI 2018-19: While Cricket has proved its prowess in providing Top class entertainment to its fans over the years, the sport has outreached millions of people during the same process. Though Cricket involves eleven players on the field which are specialized in either batting bowling or fielding, it’s the Batsmen which have been most loved and cherished by millions of fans across the globe. Having said that, let’s take a look at the Batsmen who have made most runs in ODI 2018-19 and entertained all the Cricket fans around with the magic of their splendid batting.

List of Top 10 Batsmen with Highest Runs in ODI 2018-19 Players Country Matches Runs
1.  Virat Kohli  India 14 1202
2.  Rohit Sharma  India 19 1030
3. JM Bairstow England 22 1025
4.  Joe Root England 24 946
5. Brandon Taylor Zimbabwe 21 898
6. Shikhar Dhawan India 19 897
7. Jason Roy England 22 894
8. Fakhar Zaman Pakistan 17 875
9.  Shai Hope  West Indies 18 875
10.  Mushfiqur Rahim  Bangladesh 19 770

#10 Mushfiqur Rahim (Bangladesh)Mushfiqur Rahim

ODI runs in 2018-19: 770 runs

Mushfiqur Rahim is certainly having a time of his life in the current year in both T20 and ODI cricket. While the Bangladeshi opening batsmen has always been a key player to his team over the years, his splendid form in 2018-19 is certainly worth noticing. He has scored 770 runs in 19 innings that he played so far this year with an average of 55.00 with 144 runs as his highest score.

He has also scored 2 centuries and 4 half-centuries in the process and certainly doesn’t seems like stopping anytime soon with this kind of form at his back.

#9 Shai Hope (West Indies)

ODI runs in 2018: 875 runs

While no one must have predicted the inclusion of West Indies Batsmen with not much hype around, Shai Hope is one of the most surprising entries in our list of most runs in ODI-scorers in 2018-19. Hope has scored 875 runs at a healthy average of 67.30 in 19 innings he has played so far this year for his country. His highest score this year has been 146* runs vs Bangladesh with 3 half-centuries and 3 centuries at his back.

#8 Fakhar Zaman (Pakistan)

ODI runs in 2018-19: 875 runs

Fakhar Zaman has been the pick of all the Pakistani batsmen in the last few years. While no one can forget his splendid knock against the Indian team in the Champions Trophy final last year, he has kept on with his form this year as well. Scoring 875 runs in 17 innings with an average of 96.47  certainly make him the best amongst the rest.

Moreover, this Opening batting sensation from Pakistan has scored 210 not out against Zimbabwe recently which is also been the record score by a Pakistani Batsman in the ODI cricket history. His tally of runs includes 2 centuries and 6 half-centuries this year and we can surely expect some hard-hitting batting from his in the upcoming tournaments

#7 Jason Roy (England)

ODI runs in 2018-19: 561 runs

The England batsman, Jason Roy, is 7th in our list of the Batsman who made most runs in ODI cricket in 2018 and has continued to mesmerize Cricket fans with his elegant batting in its course. With 894 runs scored in 22 innings he played with an average of 40.63 and the highest score of 180, he has also scored 3 centuries and 1 half-century during the process.

#6 Shikhar Dhawan (India)Indias_Shikhar_Dhawan_vs_Aus_2nd_ODI-rajkot-2020

ODI runs in 2018-19: 897 runs

If we have to name one player who is having a dream run in his career this 2018-19 year, it has to be Shikhar Dhawan from India. This attacking Indian batsman hasn’t looked back after having a splendid run in the IPL tournament this year in India and he kept on going with the same during the recently concluded India vs. England ODI series. Shikhar Dhawan has scored 897 runs so far this year and his average has been 49.83 with three centuries and two half-centuries in 19 matches he played along with the highest score of 127 vs Hong-kong.

#5 Brendon Taylor (Zimbabwe)

ODI runs in 2018-19: 898 runs

Brendon Taylor is the only Batsman from the Zimbabwe who can be seen as the hope to revive the old times for the Zimbabwe cricket. Being the key player for the team since the past few years, he went down to a number of injuries recently which has impacted his overall performances. Still, he has been able to score 898 runs this year with an average of 42.76 in 21 innings along with the highest score of 138 runs. Moreover, his tally of the score includes 2 centuries and 4 half-centuries.

#4 Joe Root(England)

ODI runs in 2018-19: 946 runs

At No 4 we have the English Opening Batsmen, Joe Root who has impressed everyone with his attacking game in the past few years. His runs tally of 946 runs at an average of 59.12 along with the highest score of 113*, sums up his brilliance in the World cricket in 2018-19. Joe root also scored 3 centuries and 5 half-centuries in the process.

#3 Johny Bairstow(England)Johny Bairstow

ODI runs in 2018-19: 1025 runs

Johnny Bairstow is 3rd of in the list of Most Runs in ODI Cricket in 2018-19 with the run tally of  (1025) runs in 22 innings. Bairstow, who hasn’t had the best of the time last few years playing for England,  has really upped his ante this year with an average of 46.59 along with the highest score of 139 as well as with 4 centuries and 2 half-centuries under his name.

#2 Rohit Sharma (India)

ODI runs in 2018-19: 1030 runs

Rohit Sharma is one of the most consistent performers of the world cricket irrespective of the format he plays in. It doesn’t matter if its Test cricket or an ODI, he has mastered the art of making runs at will. Moreover, his run tally of 1030 runs in 19 innings with an average of 100.09 along with the highest score of 162 as well as 5 centuries and 3 half-centuries speaks best about his Brilliant spree of runs this year.

#1 Virat Kohli (India)Virat Kohli

ODI runs in 2018-19: 1202 runs

Virat Kohli is on top of in the list of Most Runs in ODI Cricket in 2018-19 with the most number of runs under his belt (1202). Virat Kohli’s tally of 1202 runs in just 14 innings with an average of 133.55. The way he played this year shows the Domination of Virat Kohli in World cricket currently. He can unarguably be quoted as the best batsmen of the current era and his unmatched average of 133.55 this year along with the highest score of 160* as along with 6 centuries and 3 half-centuries show what he is made of.

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