The Love Story of Batswomen and a Leg Spinner

The Love Story of Batswomen and a Leg Spinner

Daniel Wyatt and Rashid Khan love story

Women’s cricket is evolving a lot these days and they are showing lots of improvements in their game. You can’t see a boring game these days and batswomen are started playing shots like their men counterparts, which are a healthy sign for cricket. Lots of women cricketing starts have been evolving these days and started contributing to the betterment of cricket. You can see a steady rise in crowds coming in and watching the sport these days and players are also getting star attraction from the crowds.

Danielle Wyatt is one of the mainstays of the England batting line up and also contributes in bowling through her slow medium paces. She is very active on twitter and she never fails to praise the top performances irrespective of the country. Like that she praised the Rashid khan’s splendid performance in a county game against Surrey which raised the speculation over their love affair which is completely a rumour.

Rashid Khan is a rare specimen who can trouble any batsmen in world cricket irrespective of the conditions. Currently, he is the number one ranked t20 bowler and highly regarded as the gift for the world cricket. He also contributed to the speculation by praising Daniel in twitter which added a fuel to the fire. During that time they not even met each other and only they know each other by Twitter and as cricketers.

daniel wyatt and Rashid Khan love story

Daniel Wyatt and Rashid Khan Love Story: Finally, both met in May this year prior to the first IPL qualifier in Mumbai. Daniels has arrived to take part in an invitational women’s cricket match as she was the part of Harmanpreet Kaur led team called supernovas.  One fan asked about their marriage in twitter and she replied with smiling smiley which even raised the eyebrows of many people.

But one thing is clear both are having respect for each other and share pleasantries between each other.  Rashid is still young and hungry for success and Daniels needs to go a long way in her career as of now nothing is going to happen. But celebrities need these kinds of rumors in order to stay active in the minds of people. Daniels had the history of proposing Virat Kohli in twitter in the past and they are doing this in order to grab the attention of the public.

Both are very talented and they are proving it every time hope both will be having a successful future in the years to come.

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