5 Key differences between Real Sports racing vs Esports racing that will blow your mind?

I have interviewed a couple of players and managerial staff related to racing esports who easily adapted to esports racing and they have shared their experience of switching from real sport to esports racing. 

Formula 1 recently organize F1 Esports women’s wildcard experience for promoting the involvement of women in racing esports

Many of you wouldn’t be aware of the key differences between this two sporting ecosystem. Here in this article we will reveal the difference between real sports and esports racing in detail: 

Serial Number Parameters Traditional Sports Racing Esports racing
1 Transition difficulty It is easy for traditional sports racer to make a switch and become Esports racer as the skills in real world racing helps you to make quick transistion to  racing esports racing It is difficult to switch from Esports racing to traditional sports racing as the skill level required in esports racing is completely way different doesn’t help you to easily adapt traditional sports racing
2 Car development In Traditional sports racing we have often seen, car development taking place during the mid of the game especially when the car is in bad shape during racing Esports racing lacks in car development aspect may be they would work on it in future
3 Unbelievably Close Field In Traditional Sports racing, close field is much scattered in comparison to Esports racing Esports racing has unbelievable close field where entire top 10 players can be separated from each other by fewer than two tenths of second
4 Racing distance Traditional Sports racing distance is extremely big and every race takes time Esports racing distance goes for 35% equivalent real life sports racing
5 Manoeuvering Strategies In Traditional Sports you do change your strategies often during the phase of the game as the distances are longer and winner is decided after finishing certain laps But in Esports racing pit windows are shorter and tyres only stay fresh for a few laps so you don’t need to change the strategies at all

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