Are you eager to play friendly Dota 2 tournament starting in September to test yourselves against the best of the region. Here’s an option for you

ONE Esports Dota 2 community tournament will kick off in the month of September 2022, where you have a nice opportunity to test yourselves against the best in the region. 

The tournaments will comprise the players belonging to  Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines for a whopping amount of USD $225 prize pool. 

Players from Singapore and Malaysia will be competing in the same event whereas Indonesia and the Philippines will be participating in the individual event.  

The winner will be receiving US$150 and US$75 will be given to runner up so it’s high time to furnish your skills and dominate in the upcoming marquee event. 

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The tournament will be based on single-elimination round, except the final which will be played based on best of three format.  Let me share the process with you how you can take part in this mega event step by step in the below format.

  1. Head to the ONE Esports Community Tournament page.
  2. Select your region and Dota 2.
  3. Choose the tournament you want to join.
  4. Log into Battlefy and register your team. If you do not have a Battlefy account, you’ll need to create one.

In order to win cash prize, team captains have to share the screenshot along with that proof of residency is required to receive the prize.

All players have to join the official ONE Esports tournament DISCORD SERVER. 

The DOTA 2 tournaments will be open to all players irrespective of all skill levels ranging from young and experienced player. 

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