3 Reasons why Messi will have edge over Ronaldo once they retire from International Football

messi vs ronaldo

Being a 90s kid is challenging because you have to stand up for your favorite athlete in any side talks, and it gets much harder if two players from the same decade have the same class and magic on the field.

Sometimes these dialogues can take the character of intense debates and sometimes you end up winning this contest with maximum pride and satisfaction.

Yesterday, when 35-year-old Lionel Messi led his side to their third victory and their first championship, the history of the FIFA World Cup 2022 was written.

Messi was outstanding throughout the major event, contributing to a total of 20 goals scored or helped by the icon (13 goals scored, 7 assists).

The worst problem for his countryman, Cristiano Ronaldo, is that he is already 37 years old. Will he be able to push himself to the next world cup? Only time will tell.

Let’s go through three specific reasons why Messi will have the upper hand over Ronaldo at the end of his career:

1. Regardless of how influential a player you are on the field, your career will be judged by the trophies you bring home for your nation. The biggest football competition has already been won by Messi, and Ronaldo is still looking for his first championship medal.

Given Ronaldo’s advanced age, it would be challenging for him to participate in the following World Cup, but you never know, the star player might give the tournament another go in hopes of winning the championship.

2. Messi’s 7 goals and 3 assists at this edition of the FIFA World Cup give him a clear advantage over Ronaldo, who performed average during the knockout rounds.

3. The debate over who is the best of these two will continue, but some mind-blowing statistics about the Argentina star in the world cup and his overall record in international football are presented, including 2 goals in the world cup final, 13 goals at the tournament, 18 goals for his country in 2022, 100 goals for Argentina, and 793 goals in his senior career.

Some of these numbers at the biggest stage of football would make you believe that Messi does have a slight edge over Ronaldo especially after the world cup glory.