What is “One Love” armband which is used in FIFA World Cup 2022 and why wearing it is banned?

FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is already making headlines for incorrect reasons, which range from homosexuality to violations of human rights to the deaths of construction workers.

Has the main event outlawed the use of the One Love armband? Before we delve into and examine why it is prohibited, we must first comprehend the armband dispute.

In order to combat all types of discrimination, including that based on sexual orientation, the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) introduced the One Love armband in 2020 as part of their campaigning approach.

.The band has a heart-shaped pattern. Football connects below is written on the band, and it has a rainbow-colored number one in the center with the words “One Love” written on either side of it

It was decided that distinct football captains from Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, and Germany planned to wear “OneLove armband“.

The decision for wearing these armbands was taken as a mark of protest against the same-sex relationship which is banned in Qatar which makes homosexuality illegal.

The question arises why they were not allowed to wear those armbands? Let’s share the reason in detail:

FIFA rules stats that every team who are taking part in this mega event must not have any slogans, or political images and skipper of every team will be wearing armband provided by FIFA.

However many have opposed this including German Football Team who shared an image on their official media account and said that wearing onelove armband doesn’t mean that we are raising any voice related to political powers it simply indicates that we are raising voice on Human rights.

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