10 Statements from PCB Chief Najam Sethi over Asia Cup Tussle indicates that he Lacks Big Time Clarity on Cricketing Matters

The finest and worst aspects of the twenty-first century are the ease with which knowledge is accessible and the potential overflow of information.

A lot has been stated on the Asia Cup scandal by BCCI and PCB parties.

We’ll make it easier for you by giving remarks made by PCB Chief Najam Sethi in this post, which show how contradictory he is. Let’s look at the format below:

Statement Number 1: We will not visit India for World Cup as we don’t find safety over there.

Statement Number 2: We will be playing Asia Cup on Hybrid Mode, where few teams baring India will play their matches in Pakistan and post few matches we will move towards neutral venue where rest of the teams can play their matches.

Statement Number 3: We want written assurance from BCCI and ICC over India’s participation in Champions Trophy 2025 in retrospect then only PCB will send Men in Green squad for World Cup 2023.

Statement Number 4: We are awaiting for BCCI response till 15th May if we BCCI doesn’t play Asia Cup on neutral venue we will host three nation tournament during that tenure it might happened in England.

Statement Number 5: Despite India being the biggest market and power in World Cricket but as white ball team we are currently placed at top spot so you can’t dictate us in cricketing matters.

Statement Number 6:  The things which have happened in the past will no longer happen as cricketing nation we are equally strong and independent.

Statement Number 7: It’s quite clear that India have to travel Pakistan for participating in the marquee event as we are the host.

Statement Number 8: On the question asked by Indian media over current situation in Pakistan to which he responded “Let’s not go over there as we know the current situation in India”

Statement Number 9: See, If India is playing Asia Cup on neutral venue due to security reasons, its clear that we would also want to play World Cup on neutral venue as we don’t feel safer in India.

Statement Number 10: PCB have always cooperated with BCCI but the situation should be ideally acceptable to both not just for one.

All these 10 statements coming from Najam Sethi clearly makes him the controversial administrator in the cricketing world.