Yuvraj Singh Opens Up About His Relationship with MS Dhoni

Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni

Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh recently shed light on his relationship with former captain MS Dhoni, dispelling rumors about their friendship and emphasizing their professional partnership during their time on the cricket field. In a candid podcast interview with YouTuber Ranveer Allahabadia, Yuvraj Singh offered insights into their dynamic and the mutual respect they shared.

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Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni are celebrated for their pivotal roles in India’s historic World Cup victories in 2007 and 2011, which etched their names in cricketing lore. However, Singh made it clear that their relationship was primarily grounded in their shared love for the game, and they were not as close off the field as they might have appeared.

Yuvraj stated, “Me and Mahi are not close friends. We were friends because of cricket; we played together. Mahi’s lifestyle was very different from me, so we were never close friends; we were only friends because of cricket.” Despite this, Yuvraj Singh acknowledged that when they were out on the field, they gave their all for the country.

Yuvraj Singh’s revelation sheds light on the complex dynamics that often exist within sports teams, where professional relationships can be forged and thrive, even if personal friendships do not. He highlighted that there were moments of disagreement and differences in decision-making, as is common in any team. Yuvraj mentioned that Dhoni was four years junior to him when he entered the Indian cricket team, a factor that could have contributed to differing viewpoints at times.

In the podcast, Yuvraj Singh also recounted instances where their professional camaraderie was evident. He vividly remembered being a runner for MS Dhoni during a match against Bangladesh. Dhoni, batting in his 90s, needed to maintain the strike to reach a century, and Yuvraj’s assistance in ensuring that was a testament to their partnership.

Yuvraj Singh also shared an anecdote from the 2011 World Cup final, emphasizing their commitment to the team’s cause. He revealed that the team had a clear plan: if Gautam Gambhir got out, he would go to the crease, and if Virat Kohli got dismissed, Dhoni would take over. This professional approach superseded any personal preferences, underlining their status as hardcore professionals.

Despite not being the closest of friends, Yuvraj Singh acknowledged that MS Dhoni played a pivotal role in providing him with a clear picture of his cricketing career. Yuvraj Singh turned to MS Dhoni for advice when he was nearing the end of his career and struggling to discern the selectors’ perspective regarding his future in the 2019 World Cup. Dhoni candidly conveyed that the selection committee was not considering Yuvraj for the tournament, providing him with clarity.

While Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni may not share the deepest off-field friendship, their professional partnership and shared commitment to Indian cricket are undeniable. Both players, having retired from international cricket, continue to meet as friends and even collaborated on an advertisement, reminiscing about their shared past.