Esports Facts: The Involvement and Rise of Esports Journalism in India


The landscape of Indian esports has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. This transformation is intrinsically tied to the growing synergy between esports and journalism. Brands have recognized this synergy as an opportunity to expand their reach and engagement, while the media industry has played a pivotal role in ensuring that esports news receives extensive coverage.

The Esports Ecosystem Transformation:

The transformation of the esports ecosystem has been greatly influenced by the involvement of brands.

The metamorphosis of the Indian esports ecosystem is closely intertwined with the presence and investment of brands. This phenomenon has given rise to a dynamic environment where professional players, teams, and tournaments now enjoy unprecedented attention. The symbiotic relationship between esports and brands has amplified the growth of the entire ecosystem.

The Power of Brand Involvement:

The influence of brand engagement in Indian esports is evident in the ecosystem’s expansion.

Brand involvement is a driving force behind the expansion of Indian esports. Brands are not only investing financially but also lending their expertise in marketing and promotion, further boosting the visibility of esports events and players. This symbiotic relationship is fueling the growth of the entire industry.

Engaging Brands for Mutual Benefit:

Brands are engaged strategically to ensure mutual benefits within the esports ecosystem.

Esports organizations are strategically engaging with brands to create a win-win scenario. Brands get a platform to reach the tech-savvy esports audience, while esports entities gain financial support, which is essential for nurturing talent, organizing tournaments, and creating an immersive experience for fans.

Widespread News Coverage:

The increase in news coverage of Indian esports is influenced by the proactive approach of brands.

The surge in news coverage dedicated to Indian esports is a direct consequence of brands taking a proactive role in promoting the sport. By providing the necessary resources and support, brands enable media outlets to comprehensively cover esports events, player stories, and industry developments. This extended coverage enhances the overall exposure of esports in the Indian media landscape.

 The Brand-Journalism Nexus:

The nexus between brands and journalism is pivotal for the growth of Indian esports.

The synergy between brands, journalism, and Indian esports is a pivotal factor in the industry’s growth. This interconnectedness ensures that every significant esports development gets the attention it deserves. It is this partnership that drives awareness, fosters talent, and, in turn, attracts more brand involvement, creating a virtuous cycle.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Challenges are being addressed while opportunities are being harnessed within this symbiotic relationship.

Despite the success, challenges persist in this evolving relationship. Brands need to navigate the diverse landscape of esports, and journalists must maintain their editorial integrity. Simultaneously, this collaboration presents an array of opportunities for brands to forge deeper connections with the esports community and for journalism to explore new avenues of storytelling.


The symbiotic relationship between Indian esports, journalism, and brands is poised for continued growth and success.

In conclusion, the close-knit relationship between Indian esports, journalism, and brands is a testament to the maturation of the esports industry. Brand involvement has catalyzed the growth of esports, while journalism has ensured that the achievements, struggles, and narratives within the esports world are widely disseminated. The future holds immense promise for this tripartite alliance, offering opportunities for brands to engage with the esports community on a deeper level and for journalism to explore new horizons in storytelling. This interplay is set to reshape the landscape of Indian esports, offering an exciting journey for all involved stakeholders.