Why BGMI ban is the end of the road for some esports players?

BGMI became the most popular game in the Indian esports community in a limited time span and every player who was associated with this popular game was riding high on success until destruction came when the government decided to ban this popular game. 

There have been mixed voices coming from the Indian esports community, where some believe that the game will be back with few modifications but others are adamant that this ban on BGMI is permanent.  

However, this ban teaches valuable lessons to Indian Esports companies that rely solely on one game can become a catastrophic thing for you if any such casualty takes place. 

BGMI players who were looking towards this popular game to make a career have their future in the doldrums either they have to shift towards other games or they would have to wait patiently for this game to revive. 

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Taking about the recent events unfolded around BGMI, Kuldeep Lather, CEO of Villager Esports  recently expressed his thoughts on BGMI ban which stated that the game is banned forever will not comeback again. 

Others believed that rather than waiting for BGMI to resume, it is extremely important for all organisations who were relying solely on BGMI to explore other options in the game. 

Dr Rushindra Sinha, CEO and founder of Global Esports, stated that the developers are working extremely hard to bring this game back however a sound strategy should be built so that entire esports ecosystem should not come to total halt. 

In an Instagram story, Shiv Nandy, CEO of Skyesports asserted that this game would surely return . It would be interesting to see how BGMI scenario will unfold from here.

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