10 simple steps to learn BGMI if you are beginner in the game

Battleground Mobile India is touted as one of the most popular video games in India and this multiplayer battle royale game has captured the attention of ardent gamers its attractive user interface has prompted the popularity of this game to the next level.

In case you are a beginner in BGMI doesn’t have much idea about this game let’s explore 10 simple steps to learn this game in detail:

  • It all starts with studying the map as it plays a prominent role in deciding your performance in the game. Right from learning about boots of the map, buildings, and terrain composition will help you to avoid dangerous spaces to survive longer in the match.


  • Once you have carefully studied maps the next big thing which you need to keep in mind is your landing and if that is not ace you will be in trouble so landing at areas like Pochinki or Sosnovka Military Base will get into early fights so focus on landing in those areas which are less hostile like Mylta . To do that all you need to check  is your landing area before jumping out of the plane at a distance of 600-800 meters also if you can land faster than others you will be prepared in advance to set up your weapon and think through your strategies to go for the early kill.


  • Most mistakes which beginners do they go for any kind of weapon at the start remember it is a multiplayer online game that is completely based on survival or last man standing so weapon is your best friend during the game so as soon as you land choose right weapon so that when the game progress you can look for more advance weapons as the level of difficulty will enhance post the death of competitors. SMG will be a good option if you are looking for quick reload capability.


  • Instead of playing solo focus on playing in a squad and if the squad consists of your friends you can easily communicate with each other, protect them and learn team spirit from each other. 


  • Practice is the key so keep honing your skills before you jump into ranked matches you can simply go to the training ground for furnishing different skills. Under shooting training, you would get the facility to do standard as well as reaction-based training. 


  • Apart from honing your skills to stay ahead of everyone in the game mobility does play an important role in claiming victory. Practice drop shots at regular intervals to have an edge over your opponent. This trick will make your movement more unpredictable. 


  • The circle is the biggest thing that you need to overcome while you are playing BGMI . Always keep a close eye on the circular wall of your map. In case you are stuck in the circle try finding the circle which will help you to get faster in the playing zone. 


  • For Beginner, it is advisable to use different vehicles like Cars, motorcycles, and other stuff to keep moving instead of running and walking as it can put you in trouble also when you are taking help of a vehicle and moving all the time you can collect weapons, lifelines at regular intervals and also stay protected for long duration. 


  • Avoid running straight instead prefer zig-zag movement to make it extremely difficult for your enemies to shoot you down and applying this technique will save you in long run. 


  • Use Headphones so that you can make better use of sound for your advantage as these sounds will help you to hear your enemy’s footsteps better and target them in those specific directions. 

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