What do players think about Valorant new map: Pearl?

Maps in Valorant are both unique and varied, with varied terrain and mechanics that keep fans excited and on their toes. The maps also add to the narrative that the developers are expressing through Valorant Agents and the game’s ever-expanding lore. A few days back, Riot announced a new map, named Pearl, in Valorant. Everyone was hyped for the new map as the last map launch of fracture was not really applauded. 

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Set in Lisbon, Portugal, Valorant’s new map Pearl is located in an underwater dome with rich visuals and some exciting Easter eggs. . The map features long, narrow corridors with sharp corners that lead to an open middle area, which is giving off similar vibes to some CS maps like Inferno or Cobblestone, according to many players.

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Since Episode 5 Act 1 has launched today, Pear is accessible to all Valorant players out there. Here’s how some players reacted to it:

Pearl has a lot of potential and constitutes a vast area. It is probably the biggest map, as of now. As a result, Pearl could easily become overwhelming without a strong controller. Plus, sentinels are a must-have on Pearl to stop an ambush.

Nevertheless, Pearl is expected to be a brilliant addition to Valorant. It constitutes a fresh underwater design and seems quite simple to learn.

Pearl will be available for the Pearl-only queue for 2 weeks to give everyone a real chance at learning the new map.Split has been removed from the map pool rotation after the introduction of Pearl.

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