World Esports Update: The Saudi Arab Federation announces Gaming centres face-off across five cities

The Saudi Esports Federation have recently announced that the Gaming centres face off will kick start from five cities in the Kingdom starting from May 19th to August 13th 2022.

The Federation revealed this information on their official Twitter handle- that the upcoming tournament will involve the presence of 20 gaming centres in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam and they will be heading the partnership with Ignite.

The Program will be designed to improve and developed the regulatory and legislative digital content in film, gaming and digital advertising sector.

Participants will  be competing  for 18 different titles in each centre and the total prize money is over $60,000.

The cross Kingdom competition is focussed on discovering new talent and ensuring Saudi Arabia can obtain the best global rights.

The is the first occasion, when Gaming Centres Play-offs will be conducted in Saudi Arabia and the competition will be opened for both male and female players.

Saudi Arabia is emerging as the major player in both sporting and esports world.

Recently Saudi Arab Government backed the public investment fund acquired English Football Club New castle united in 2021 and the group has also brought ESL gaming and FACEIT in January 2022, before they decided to merge the entity into the ESL FACEIT Group.

Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a long history when it comes to Esports, but the growth has been immense in last few years in video gaming domain.

Based on the research conducted by Niko Partners, Saudi Arabia Gaming industry was worth $1 billion and by 2030 the industry is supposed to reach $6.8 billion and keep long term vision in mind, Saudi Arabia government wants the gaming industry including esports to account for 0.8 to 1 percent of the economy by 2030.Taking about one of the notable tournaments of Saudi Arabia, ESL gaming esports tournament operator,  which is owned by Saudi Savvy Gaming Group where top players from the country compete against each other.

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