What’s more in Esports besides playing video games?


Gone are those days when playing sports was considered a wastage of time and the new ecosystem in the form of Esports has been gripping all the limelight for the right reason. Video games are no more a casual time pass if you have the motivation and knack for playing Video games you are most likely to become professional in this field.


But job opportunities are not just limited to the field of Professional Gaming there are other wings where you can flourish as an esports professional.

Esports could feature in 2032 Brisbane Olympics: Australian media

In reality, there are jobs in management, operations, sales, event planning, coaching, travel agent, and even social media coordinating.

As Esports in near future will be turning into a billion dollar industry which will give opportunity for more job creation. 

One of the experts, predicted the perfect description of Esports and where it is heading in near future.

“Esports enjoys worldwide recognition as the fastest growing segment of media and entertainment, with the youngest and most coveted fanbase. ESL has shaped the history of Esports, creating more opportunities for participation and progression than any other sport

“It’s a sport where anybody can experience the thrill of victory. For us it’s more than business it’s a form of entertainment where everything has a voice and where everyone fits in and anyone can stand out.”

World Class Personalities including the likes of- Michael Jordan, Mark Cuban, Steph Curry and Tim Robbins have already invested heavily in Esports.

Esports is the industry which is welcoming for everyone where there is no discrimination of caste, creed and culture. The position ranging from executive level to top level is up for grab in the field of Esports.

Esports player those who have an excellent command of the game can work with like minded people who have the same passion for the video games to become entrepreneurs as the ecosystem needs someone who can push the technology, hire best players in the world and figure out deals with companies who can sponsor tournaments.

Esports being a global phenomena gives you varied opportunity to crack jobs all over the world as so many companies are out there who are looking to make difference in this fastest growing ecosystem.

Jobs like Blogging, Writing is easily available for someone who loves video games and in order to figure out jobs in Esports you need to apply for different positions on their official website. For Parents, If your children is good in video games or any other facet related to it please give them green signal to go out there and pursue their dreams. 

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