How will franchising in Valorant works let’s address it in detail

Last time we wrote an article, where we addressed new Valorant maps (Pearl) and ranks in detail but Riot who are developers of this popular game is looking to revamp the VCT 2023 circuit. 

Following the pathway of Leagues of Legends, Riot is bringing up the franchise model for VCT where they will be creating a close system for all players which will be similar to what you see in Overwatch and Call of Duty Leagues. 

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They will also introduce three new International leagues where all the best players in the world and Esports teams will be competing on LAN in the presence of live audience. 

The best part about this new development is that the organizers won’t be charging any fees for all those players who will be participating in these leagues. They will be encouraging support select teams by providing them stipends. 

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“Players have benefited from larger salaries and more robust support systems, while teams have been able to plan multiple years into the future,” said Riot.

Taking more about three International leagues, it will be termed as American, European and Asian Leagues. 

American Leagues will consist of Brazilian, Latin American and North American regions.  The European league will comprise European, MENA, Turkey and Russian regions. 

Lastly, Asian regions will include- Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Ocenia and South Asian regions. 

This new update is not welcomed by most fans as they have expressed their discontent on microblogging site Twitter where one user wrote  “Idk but this is going to make the competitive scene more boring in my opinion. No more underdog teams who showed up out of nowhere and beats everyone, or a miracle run by a T2 or T3 team. I don’t really want to see the same team in every tournament.”

Other user wrote on their official Twitter handle,  “Zero trade protections -Team X trading a player to Team Y with requirements that Team Y cannot trade the player to Team Z -Teams claiming use of player IP rights when on the team to be used commercially in perpetuity after -Teams claiming blanket IP rights of players”

However, let’s see how things unfold from here onwards when it comes to new updation related to Valorant 2023. 

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